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#NORWAY Prof Vogt Hears The White Rabbit! #WARCRIMES

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"The Prime Minister should not hand out medals to release their accomplices in the violation of international law.

Published: 10 June 2011 - 4:00
By Edward Vogt

Dubious positions
By participating in the US-NATO war the Norwegian government and Norwegian officers and soldiers were morally and legally share responsibility for our and our allies' violations of international law in two ongoing wars attack.
When it comes to our involvement in the attack on Afghanistan, had the destruction of the twin towers damaged a member of NATO, but it turned out not on the opening of a war that would be met with defensive war. There was a single, limited and already completed act of terrorism. It was conducted by the international organization al-Qaeda, not Afghanistan, and it did not include an occupation of American territory. Afghanistan declared himself ready to do the negotiations that international law requires when it comes to disclosure of a criminal that bin Laden. There was therefore no basis in international law for the United States and Norway following attacks war.

Attacks War is illegal under Norwegian law. Section 26 of the Constitution gives the government only the right to initiate war when this is to "national defense" and then only when the Norwegian government have the "Supreme Command" of the Norwegian forces. These mandatory conditions existed not in Kosovo and is not in Afghanistan and Libya. From having been occupied, we have become squatters. To our occupiers did Quisling the Norwegian government, as the U.S. has appointed Hamid Karzai as the Afghan government. We train his militia to fight against the lawful government. This was a legitimate and legally recognized regime, which a few years earlier had defeated the Soviet Union and still have control over large parts of Afghanistan and the occupation regime inflicts increasing losses. Our own government in exile without control over Norwegian territory had far less legitimacy.
We are thus complicit in the corruption that allows Karzai his brother and his friends. We are complicit in the devastation of the country's infrastructure and economy - and thus the world's largest drug exports.

Also present war in Libya violates international law and Norwegian law. Jens Stoltenberg was so busy following the NATO and our Norwegian-lobbys USA invitation to participate in the initial French attacks the war that he had no time to wait for the next government meeting. Our participation was adopted prior to this in his telephone conversations with selected generals and politicians. The subsequent decision of the Government and Parliament have not been able to make the Prime Minister's illegal wars of aggression initiated legal.

When it comes to Libya, we broke out of the box it invoked Security Council resolution that demanded talks with Gaddafi with the participation of the African Union. The fly zone which was to be introduced, it has nothing to do with our thousands of tons of bombs against ground targets, with foreseeable killing of civilians. Muammar al-Gaddafi has law on his side when he defends his state against armed insurgents. They would hardly have started their revolt without prior pledges of support from France and the United States, states, who in return received promises of access to the oil resources that Gaddafi had governed for the benefit of Libya's population. The rebellion had no resemblance to the non-violent demonstrations in Egypt. It has proven to be a lie that Gaddafi has attacked the civilian population.

Stoltenberg and his dedicated general Sunde need not fear a judgment by the ICTY in The Hague for his contribution to these international law violations. They have responsibility for offensive wars with several law violations and killings than their counterparts Prime Minister Milosevic and General Mladic. But luckily they have powerful friends than these two. The bereaved can not trust the government loyal Norwegian Attorney General. Impeachment Indictment is impossible when the Parliament is inhabilt after it has unanimously approved the prime minister right violations. Norwegian courts are the only prime minister and his co-responsible should fear. As soon as the information and evidence available, a Norwegian legal organization suing the government and the Prime Minister on behalf of the survivors of those killed by Norwegian soldiers and bombers be. Such vicarious damages actions are possible for Disputes Act section 1-4.
Even the officers and soldiers may be compensation legally responsible. Most of them will probably be heard with the excuse that they are victims of the government and its manager misleading information. Others may blame the former babysitters and parents that allowed them to spend too much of his childhood and youth as heroes in computer war games. For television interviews with Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan shows that some "Valhalla"-roaring soldiers perceive their war participation as a sex exciting adventure sports. Their political frontier officers should not be heard that they were supposed career benefits by their illegal conduct.

It has been shown that participation is less dangerous than many extreme branches. Our "boys" can often kill a safe distance from "Rebel" less long-range firearms. Where our soldiers under fire from villages who defend themselves, they can avoid dangerous combat by summoning U.S. bombers and drones to bomb buildings and kill the Taliban with women and children living there. In Libya, our own Norwegian Bomber be bombing from a safe distance. Gaddafi has fortunately not a functioning air force. Our intelligence is not helpful to tell us how many women and children our airmen killed. The only thing we know is that Gaddafi's three grandchildren were killed by bombs in the Norwegian bomb shelter in his home.
The Prime Minister is obviously not so stupid that he steps forward with a direct claim that the Norwegian soldiers fighting for the king of Norway and the Norwegian defense - as Norwegian soldiers once fought against the German occupiers. He was content to enhance their own policies by giving the occupants a reflection of the respect that we have for the past freedom fighters. This he achieved by renaming Liberation Day on 8 May to Veteran's Day. The veterans from the Prime Minister's illegal wars against Afghanistan and Libya may thus emerge as champions for King and Fatherland. In this game, he gives selected among them the king's grandfather medals awarded those who distinguished themselves in the struggle for the liberation of Norway. King has declined to participate in this.

Edvard Vogt is Emeritus Professor at the University of Bergen, "

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