Monday, 29 April 2013

#NAZI UK: Who Are The Real Terrorists Now #POLICE

Just watch.  JUST WATCH.

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"APRIL 25, 2013

A parliamentary hearing has heard that the continued refusal of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to grant public access to court files demonstrates a “questionable” attitude.


WORLD NEWS TOMORROW EU - The hearing on Wednesday was told that the practice was against an “emerging tendency” for more transparency in the majority of EU institutions. This is one of the main findings of a study, commissioned by parliament, on accessibility to the court’s documents.

The 65-page study was drafted following complaints by lawyers and other legal practitioners who had been denied access to some ECJ documents.The study concludes, “Various countries have adopted legislation which enables the public to have access to court files.

The ECJ, though, does not allow general access and this attitude is questionable in the context of new fundamental rights which require all the institutions, including the court, to work as openly as possible.”The inaccessibility of court files is even more difficult to justify given that certain requested documents fall within the public domain.”

The hearing was convened by the legal affairs committee to discuss future reform of the Court, in particular the necessity for additional judges.Committee member Andrew Duff was highly critical of what he claimed were moves by member states to resist reform of the court.

Duff, an ALDE member, said, “The blockage in the council to the reform of the ECJ is intolerable.”The UK Liberal deputy said that ECJ president Vassilios Skouris had made a “highly convincing” argument for the appointment of more judges to deal with “the ever increasing workload”.


It's time for the PEACE POLICE.

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And to leave the real terrorists, WITHOUT A JOB, terrorizing UK Citizens, for the NAZI SCHERF.

What are you waiting for?

The White Rabbit!

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