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MIRROR again (taken from a mirro ... getting fun for this early on a Friday <g>) ... No one even back from the pub in teh Uk yet <gg>) .. HELP!  Get this seen!

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April 26,2013

Here is an excellent piece of censored info

Why did this never make the news? You would think that if the media and the government was being honest, the restaurant most affected would be at the forefront of the Boston story, yet they have been completely and totally ignored. This lends creedence to the possibility of real devices being used, so it has to be stirred in with the same pot as the DHS page where they clearly recruited actors and amputees for the Boston bombing. And by the way, when that page was newly exposed it had content all the way into 2013. Within a few hours it was stripped back to 2009. Now it is stripped back to 2005. Lovely. So I give the (original) DHS page more weight than the following link, yet believe that this following link should be considered.
Keep in mind however that this following article could be fully fraudulent, and a desperate stab at watering down the impact of there being fake blood packs at the scene, and a DHS recruitment page asking for amputee actors and for people to "arrive with their clothes shredded, to simulate bomb damage".
For what it's worth, Here is an alleged report of what the restaurant said happened, and it totally screws the official story. Even if this account is accurate, and even if the DHS page never existed, this would totally blow it for the FBI and other agencies that carried out the bombing. My initial impression of the bombing was that it had actors mixed in with real victims. Perhaps my initial impression was correct.

Spooks are onto this web site for it's style of reporting, actively working to get it shut down NOW

Spooks have started posting inflammatory content to the forum to try to get it shut down, posting Jihad videos, inciting fights, and talking about killing everyone in their local governments all the way to the top while creating their posts with a surplus of keywords that are on watch lists.. I am not stupid about this and know what it is.
The icing on the cake happened today, after I did an IP range ban on a spook who easily made it back into the forum only to post even more crazy stuff. And in the midst of this, I got the following mail:
This is Dennis from Inside the Eye - Live! We broadcast live from Amman, Jordan on Revolution Radio with a live cume of approximately 24K.
I would like to get you on for a show to discuss the Boston Marathon fiasco. You have done some good work and it would be great to bring this to the audience.
The shows air on Saturday's at 10:00am EDT and is 2 hours in length.
Interviews are conducted via Skype.
Let me know if you can make that happen. Would be great to have you.
Dennis Fetcho
Host, Inside the Eye - Live!
Intelligent Media for the Politically Aware
My Response:
Due to all the anti terror stuff going on, and the fact that someone claiming to be from that region is posting tons of CIA keywords in inflammatory comments in the forum, I can only assume you are in fact an intelligence agency and will say no -
Why would Jordan care anyway? I find it a little bit suspicious that during a time when I would have expected at least a dozen offers to go on the air in America that the only offer that came through would be one that could easily get me bagged,
You speak pretty damn good English for someone broadcasting to an Arab country so close to the hot zone, on "revolution radio", a name that won't fly there while using an American name in a region that would hate you for it - I am not stupid and know how Arabs talk, WHERE DID ALL THE REAL INTERVIEW REQUESTS END UP?
go to hell,
Jim Stone

The good guys are NOT coming to save us

If we fail to act directly we really will lose America

Don't expect the system of checks and balances in the government to save you, and do not just sit there and hope for things to get better, because hoping without acting on that hope amounts to nothing but a useless fantasy. Many people are even convinced that America has a divine right to exist, and will therefore never be lost. To those people I say, WAKE UP.
I have read all the scriptures extensively, especially the Christian scriptures, and they DO NOT EVER MENTION AMERICA as a great hero. This is most likely because when everything happens in the last days, America will have already been rendered of zero influence. If anything, America in the scriptures is the great beast of war, a horrific abomination that NO ONE can go to war with and survive. That beast is not the last one.


Don't sit there and hope for something to magically drop in from outer space and save you, Don't think the system will somehow fix itself - it is too far gone and will not, Dont' sit around hoping for a hero, - BE the hero, for if we all sit on our behinds waiting for one, we will discover HOPE was little more than a strategically motivated Hollywood fantasy as we sit in the sewer after being eaten and flushed.

April 25 2013
"Now if any of you remain recalcitrant over this issue, and still believe in the fairy tales from "the authorities" in Boston, Gogo says that you should seek immediate psychiatric care. She advises you to think back to your childhood, "in order to try and see if you can pinpoint when the major malfunction in your cranium began."


And remember this one:

The following was posted to the forum by Doug

And I think it's perfectly accurate. See thread HERE
"The COMEX will default in the next week or several weeks and people will be “settled” with Dollars, no more metal will be delivered! So, knowing that “game over” has arrived, they are dumping a massive volume of paper contracts with impunity to push the metals prices as low as possible before the “default”. This way the “shorts” do not have to and will not be “covered” when “supply” cannot be obtained because of “an act of God”. They will be settled in cash (at a profit no less) because these “unforeseen” disruptions in supply. “Who could have seen it coming?” will be the mantra. I would suspect that banking stress and “bail ins” will also become prevalent globally. The pricing structure” will now push any and all physical sellers away from the markets and the “door” to safety is effectively being shut. Either you own metal or you don’t." My comment - The final robbery of ALL wealth is now in progress, and they don't have to make it illegal to own gold or silver if they can just deny you access while handing you worthless paper that will quickly reduce to zero value. IF you get paper rather than metal, the very first thing you should do is buy investment property in a low tax zone. Get another hard asset, do not store your wealth in a printed fiction.


Get while the getting is good, the DHS is destroying all referenced links and wiping the pages NOW.


HERE IS THE DHS PAGEPeople are now saying this link goes to a word document. That is NOT the case, it is SUPPOSED to go directly to the relevant page on the DHS web site, which contains many documents, videos, and sound files so participants will know what the special effects will look like and sound like and how the fake news reports will run. I got to it when it was all still up. I know what is supposed to be there.This information is getting destroyed LIVE. Everything he talks about was there at first, and it has been vanishing both off the DHS site AND removed from the GOOGLE cache simultaneously. This video was five hours old when I found it. Some of the DHS page still works. They had the work applications for the actors wanting to participate in the boston bombing posted on this site initially, as well as instructions for how it was to go down, for people to arrive with shredded clothes, the need for amputees, the WHOLE 9 YARDS WAS THERE. BOSTON WAS FAKE. FINAL ANSWER.
In addition to this, this is the link to the recruitment page for the Sandy Hook psy op, which is now not functioning and is ALSO removed from the Google cache.

WATCH THIS, it says it ALL

The above video PROVES boston fake

Jewish medical center treated ALL BOMBING "VICTIMS"

GREAT way to keep the lid on a lie.
Just in case anyone hitting this site does not know, Dzhokar never stopped talking after being read his miranda rights because he never talked to begin with - after leaving the boat unhurt, as proven by the photo, and arriving at the Jewish medical center, his throat was "cut" and he could no longer speak. He therefore never admitted to anything. Don't forget this as they morph their lies.
Cool. He went straight into "caring Jewish hands", at the same hosptial that got ALL THE INJURED FROM THE BOMBING. YES, THAT'S RIGHT, A JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER GOT ALL BOMBING "VICTIMS". Great way to keep the lies water tight.
The following was sent to me by Paul Short:
"About the fema site and video you linked to on your front page - I saw it was removed and I couldn't get to it, but then it appeared again with the latest material being posted there in 2009. If there was anything newer there, it's gone now and rolled back to an earlier date."
My comment - Obviously they cannot let the proof they faked the whole thing with amputees, crisis actors, pre arranged media complicity, hospitals involved and told to lie, etc, hang out in the open for long!
By the way - It is now pretty obvious the patsies worked for the CIA, FBI, or Blackwater. First of all, the older brother wore the same clothes all the agents did, and had the same back pack. How this is being overlooked is a total farce, staged to the MAX. The claim he was getting welfare is B.S., he WAS getting a government check but selective reporting led people to believe it was a GOVERNMENT WELFARE CHECK when emperical evidence makes it obvious it was not, that uniform means a six figure paycheck. On top of that, the younger "bomber" who was a college student drove a late model mercedes, talked about how money was no problem on his twitter account, plus his bi weekly "payday" yet the media never said anything about where he worked. I wonder why. How does a 19 year old college student get paid enough to own a mercedes and remark about how much he made? SIMPLE ANSWER - he was a SPOOK, and his presense where the bombing was staged certainly indicates that as well.
He had a problem however, he discovered the truth about 911 and tweeted about it, and also caught on to false flag terror according to his tweets. So he most likely was not in on the game anymore, which could also be why he was not in uniform while hanging out with his brother who was. I have a little message for all CIA spooks and similar types - STAY IN BED. IF YOU WAKE UP, THEY WILL KILL YOU BECAUSE YOU KNOW TOO MUCH. The Vancouver Jewish community tried to kill me TWICE simply because I learned too much and left. A third attempt was made in America as well. So if you get in on any of the big secrets, DO NOT start tweeting about it because it will get you murdered directly, or get you framed as our young patsy was.
The following mail is also a good read
"WE cannot ever forget that America has been on the gradual skid to nonentity for a long time. Hell, when our Benny Franklin (Frankel?) allowed the European banks to set up, it was the beginning of the end right there.
I do think the word "pacified" is correct. Americans have gotten fat on materialism, the state of having nearly everything they have ever wanted, within reason. Gadgets dull gray lives. Screaming rock stars also make up for deadened lives, lives that know full well that they are morally bankrupt, ignorant, poorly schooled, but always wanting what their neighbor has. In actuality, the fear of NOT having something is what drives Americans. It's a perverted herd mentality.
Hearing that Obama passed clandestine laws against importation of cheap foreign ammo does not surprise me. Our two relatively recently elected senators, Blumenthal and Murphy, have already turned into cast iron pricks, totally rigid on gun control and basically giving their constituencies the finger. The politician's Bible says, "talk purty and lie like a rug".Hell, it works every time. Just plain fuckin' lie, misstate, exaggerate, underestimate, people are too frickin' stupid to know shit from clay.
Jim, there is a way and I'm amazed, hell, boggled, that some sharp eyed sumbitch has not found a way around the logjam. Arguably, it's chronically disheartening to read how totally wiped so many Americans are, but there just has to be a way to get the message across and still retain connection of head and neck."
My comment
They socially attacked America from many angles at once, and now that they have succeeded in getting so many monstrosities in place, from the aemoralistic city police forces who will knowingly arrest the innocent and destroy them, to the FBI, CIA, NSA and other agencies which keep an ear to the rail so they can instantly nail ANYONE who raises a finger do do anything to stop this, America is beaten and there is only ONE THING LEFT - our guns. People were smart enough to at least defend those. Who knows how much good the guns will do if people fail to use them the way the founding fathers intended.
If we as a nation fail to directly act against the people Abraham Lincoln himself warned us about, as well as John F. Kennedy and even Michael Jackson, we really will have met our end. There is a reason why Michael Jackson was mutilated, defamed, and eventually killed - he pointed a finger directly at those who are responsible for destroying America. Princess Diana did also, and on top of that dated an Arab. The penalty for accurately pointing the finger from a position of high influence is DEATH.
I am certain that there were plenty of Joe Six packs that tried to save this country despite the hell they were put through, and I really think there was a militia taken out in the Ozarks and also one in Michigan. I do not think those mysterious booms people keep hearing are meaningless, I am convinced they are night time bombing raids on groups who believe they can take this country back. Thank you NSA and CIA and black ops for signing this country's death warrant, I wish all people in those agencies to suffer the direct consequences of their actions through loss of family and life at the hands of their own employer. To them I say: Look at Boston. Look at this web site and what is here. It's not the only web site speaking the truth, which is hanging in your face like a bloody rag. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR HOMELAND? ARE YOU STUPID?


FBI proves their lie with THEIR OWN EVIDENCE

The following photo is what was used to nail bomber #2
Yet when you look at the pack in the "surveillance video" the FBI presented to nail him, it's NOT THE SAME PACK. Additionally, the "surveillance video" was taken 15 minutes before the "bombing". How did #2 get a different pack that fast?
Now let's take a closer look at that FBI photo.

The following whistleblower post got blown off the Forum by the Holonet

This calls B.S. on the Boston chase from a first hand eyewitness. This has been at the top of the thread list for a week, yet NO ONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO SEE IT. I am assuming a direct link will work (that is hard to screw with) and if this was important enough to throw into the Holonet, it's getting front page linkedand if anyone has troubles seeing it via this link, please do what it takes to notify Admin.

BREAKING: Fuel barge explosion

All import of high volume cheap ammo, guns and parts BANNED BY EXECUTIVE ORDER during the Boston mayhem


That's right - in the original FBI reports they talked all about how both bombs were in black back packs. But since the patsy had an obvious white backpack, the final affidavit mentions nothing about the color of the back packs.
I suppose they are all going to try to instill amnesia to the topic, which clearly shows our patsy walking along with a WHITE backpack, in the EXACT SAME VIDEO THEY USED TO INCRIMINATE HIM BECAUSE HE HAD A BACK PACK, while saying in that same report that both bomb packs were BLACK. In the final report the bags are called knapsacks, which complicates searches for the topic so keep that in mind when using the find function.
America is a failed state - you cannot have things like this happening in a society that has long to live. Either we fix this problem directly or America is going bye bye, and from this point on we cannot allow the government a monopoly on physical force. They are thrilled when we merely cry on a lawn in protest, because the correct response to that from them is no response, if you are not going to stand up and fix this directly - with more than just a phone call or letter you are as responsible for the failure of your country as the people taking direct physical action to destroy it.
I am sitting here watching the nation shred right in front of me, and it seems people have been pacified to such an extent that they are just going to allow it all to happen. It seems like the do nothing but cry to fix things brainwashing has really taken hold, if you think calling your senator, casting a rigged vote, or sitting on a public lawn doing nothing but waving signs and shouting will do anything useful, you are a slow learner. What of substance has that accomplished so far? Tyrants back down when facing only ONE THING - FEAR OF DIRECT PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCE.

If Americans are going to swallow a thinly woven story and sit silent as their rights are taken away after seeing a photo like this, which goes so strongly against the "official" lie, they will lose their future. I guess fighting and dying for freedom are the realm of fantasy now.

It's time to get revenge

We need revenge on the "elite" over what they did in Boston.

It matters not WHO actually physically did it, when it is obvious that whoever DID do it worked for the government as either a well paid agent or a patsy of a well paid agent. No matter which way you cut it, the government did the bombing. This government is run by zionists, who need the survival of their central bank - which is already under stress - to continue to fund their corrupt actions and enormous out of control military/spook/spy/black op complex.
SO, I present the following graphic to the Chinese, Brazilians, and all other countries who do not make bombings, missile attacks, wars, and air plane crashes into big buildings their main method of doing business. I am sick of the zionist influence in world affairs and I would like to remind the various nations that all they have to do to kill the monster is DUMP THE DOLLAR. The following graphic ought to show you why you should.

A note to the American public - it may hurt to lose the dollar, it will make it difficult to purchase cars and big screens, but sometimes the only way to kill a parasite is to destroy the host, which in the case of the zionists IS the U.S. dollar. Only after killing this parasite will America become healthy again.

UPDATE: This came in through the mail in response to the above:

James, for what it is worth ... Lindsey Williams says his "elite" friend, and his buddies, want to dump the dollar to usher in the NWO currency. I won't get rid of the beast, it is on the agenda. They are getting the last stage going now and are discussing the dates they will do the economy dump for the U.S. In the meantime the Cyprus thing is going to happen to Canada, Australia, New Zealand (sounds like all the crown colonies) and the Euro Zone (I think the Euro Zone.) The U.S. will just loose the pension plans, for the time being.
Who the Hell knows ... this is always so liquid!!
My comment - If this is true, it is still better than the apathy Americans are stuck with right now. Nothing could be better than a solid economic wake up call.


Yesterday, on Monday, April 22, the Mexican media reported that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev admitted to doing the bombing, and had already been given the death sentence. This was told to me today, the 23rd by my latino friends.

The gif I had posted earlier of the disappearing bag has been removed, because the frames in the security video are out of order, with the first part of the security video actually being the last part. This made it look like he was leaving the scene, when in fact the last part of the video showed him arriving. This does not change the fact that I believe someone else did the bombing because the bag does not match.



I pulled the originals into photoshop and verified that indeed, the headlights blew the image beyond all recognition other than that it could easily be proven that no one was holding a gun, it's just empty space in front of the headlights.
Get both images UPDATE: images have been censored. pull them into photoshop and try to get the un enhanced one to show you ANYTHING in front of that SUV. I am an experienced photographer, and can tell you, the "enhanced" versions are impossible. Something fishy is going on here, as in new pixels other than the original.
The only way such a drastic improvement in background detail could be acheived is if the scene was re-shot on a different night with a different camera, and I bet that is what this is. Judgement calls have to be made when sifting through lies.

Dzhorkar drove a Mercedes

Is that what he "stole?"

Let's see if the car he carjacked was his own! I need help with this one. I would bet damn near anything that the carjacking story is total BULLSHIT and the car mentioned was HIS OWN. They wanted him to look like a low class idiot, when in fact he was wealthy and had a VERY nice car and MANY friends. The elite scammers would want to hide this reality. I have a hunch the entire carjacking story is unadulterated deep fried B.S. because the car was his.
I bet I am RIGHT. Please search this out and FIND THE ANSWER.

Farganne posted to the forum:

On Tuesday, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev came to an auto-body shop to pick up a Mercedes he had dropped off for repairs, said Gilberto Junior, who works at the shop."
Wall Street "journal" confirms this
My response: Ok, so that is it, that is the solid link we need to confirm that step. Now we need to try to confirm that it was HIS mercedes "THEY" said he carjacked. Mercedes is not a super common car, like Ford or Toyota. The "carjacking" as presented would have been of necessity, not preference, which means a different make of car would have been far more likely in a real scenario. Perhaps this is why the police said NO PHOTOS OF US WORKING.
So now we need the exact details of both the "carjacked car" and Dzhokar's car, to see if they are the same car.

To be clear: We need a picture of the exact car the police said was carjacked, including plates.

Use an anonymous account and put it in the forum. Thanks.



These three "police officers" were the STARS of Sandy Hook. So why then are they ALL at the finish line in Boston when the gig goes down? WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR BACK PACKS AS THEY RUN FROM THE SCENE?.

WHERE IS THAT BACK PACK, VISIBLE IN OTHER PHOTOS? Let's see you find better proof against those Muslims you shot and killed. COOL, THE SURVIVOR IS AT BETH ISRAEL HOSPITAL, IN GREAT JEWISH CARE.

  Ha, here is ANOTHER ONE!!!

Whistleblower NAILS IT on the morning of April 16


Boston bombing outcome ratted to near perfection by whistleblower on Tuesday, April 16, the morning after the bombing.

People were not going to fall for the white american NRA angle, but there are enough meat heads out there to fall for the Islamic terror angle (still) thanks to a scamming zionist media that focuses on pure fabrication and deception, rather than even trying to hide or tweak the truth

April 19 UPDATE: NRA link now confirmed Read whistleblower testimony below for context

This ended up being bona fide whistleblower testimony with the Boston bombing. A note to the whistleblower: Thank you for loving your country enough to stick your neck out, god only knows if your head is still attached.

The following should NOT be ignored.
"I work on a security commission and I've just received word to start on a campaign we've been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.
I'll keep it as short as I can
They're going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he's unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn't be for sale to the public. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.
I can't do anything or I'll lose my job and possibly face criminal charges. Please don't let them get away with it. They won't find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don't let them hurt our rights."
--Admin comment - Let's step by step this as the elite scammers do it. Here we go:
Step 1. - COMPLETE "They're going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s (he ended up being 19) and say he did it because he's unstable(confirmed, they took the unstable approach." - HERE IS THE ARTICLE THAT PROVES THE LONE WOLF, SINGLE MAN DOING IT -Step 1 in the setup complete - READ THAT FREAKING ARTICLE THAT IS LINKED, IT IS SPOOKY
Step 2 - FINALIZED - GUN POWDER STORY CONFIRMED: They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home - UPDATE- NRA INDICTEDBY MSNBC. They are going to to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn't be for sale to the public. Step 2 FINALIZED (interesting it is that it is ISRAEL where the gunpowder story is being fronted FIRST. Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . . . . . HERE is another link
Step 3 - OBVIOUSLY NEXT. They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.
Step 4. FINALIZED - I can't do anything or I'll lose my job and possibly face criminals charges. Please don't let them get away with it. They won't find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. - BINGO, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.
MY COMMENTS: Dead accurate, except they opted to frame a Muslim because many CNN junkies could wrap their brains around that concept, but not have the villain be one of their own
April 19 2013

Emperically PROVEN - ___ael DID THE BOSTON BLAST

Flew in Mossad actors for false flag media police show frame up of Muslim neuroscience student

And HEY, remember Holmes? Why does the Mossad always patsify neuroscience students? I bet he will show up to court heavily drugged also, if he lives that long.
And since I can't really post REAL news here that is critical of ___ael and tells people what to do about it, (regarding their _______ amendment rights) without getting shut down, I am happy to announce that VETERANS TODAY nailed it, and I can just parrot what they say.
The ____aeli police force "helping" with the boston blast had planned for it and scheduled their "help" session BEFORE THE BOMBING EVER HAPPENED. THIS MEANS ___AEL DID IT. Stupid Muslim Patsy flap in the mainstream "press" was needed because Americans won't fall for mister gunpowder right wing wacko. So now the "press" is flapping a MUSLIM GUNPOWDER WACKO rag, hoping to spike the public conscience with a little hallucinogenic printing press dust, and therefore the end goal - BANNING RELOADING POWDER AS STATED BY THE WHISTLEBLOWER may still be achieved with the zombie public which is badly in need of a stiff snort of reality
Anyway, here is the report on Veterans Today, and it's by Kevin Barrett, NOT Gordon Duff. THANKS Kevin, it's a beaut.

Take a look at the "suspect's" tweets!

Suspects COUNTLESS tweets of great nature shows he was a well adjusted socialite

But we are supposed to hate him, dont ya know, GUESS WHAT? HE IS A 911 truther with a great sense of humor.

Suspects LOAD OF B.S.

Ok, so they got the HAT from the pictures, but they switched the people below the hats. GUESS WHAT? They knew they could not front the "patriot did it" lie, and that people were not going to buy the "arab did it" lie, so they came up with a hybrid story line, which is WHITE MUSLIMS FROM RUSSIA DID IT. After all, WHITE "FAMILY GUY" got sucked into a Muslim bomb plot. Pretty good predictive programming there. A bridge is next no doubt. So ISLAM IS THE DISEASE, NOT THE RACE OR REGION. And this web site got spanked for fingering the REAL culprits and offering a solution to the problem . . . . .

So, I wanna puke.
More later as this develops . . . . .
April 18, 2013



The server was not offline due to malfunctions, but the account was disabled. It told me there was no such domain as Jimstonefreelance and to register it all over again. Simultaneously computers on other connections could not hit the web site. When I posted this to the forum (which runs independently) the problem cleared, and I edited the missile strike article down to NOT include the details of what should be done about the missile strike and how, against WHO.
Do not be fooled by them saying how strong the earthquake from the blast was, a 2.1has the same seismic yield as 50 pounds of TNT detonated below ground, and a Tomahawk can carry over a thousand pounds of higher grade explosive. The reduced seismic signature can be attributed to the fact that the detonation was above ground and not perfectly coupled to the ground to maximize the seismic effects of that much explosive going off.

Bottom line? That earthquake was NOTHING compared to what weapons of war routinely produce

I have re posted the following after carefully analyzing the other videos, and though saying less than what is in the original post is a disservice to the innocent, I HAVE TO, BECAUSE I WILL BE SHUT DOWN IF I SAY WHAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE SAID.
You can hear the missile in ALL the videos, but how loud it is on approach, and the tone it has all depends upon where people were located while shooting the video. Some videos have the Tomahawk's jet engine decreasing in pitch and very loud as it goes past them nearby, and other videos have the engine sound very quiet with the pitch increasing as it approaches them because it is far away and approaching from the other side. But it can be heard in ALL videos if you use good headphones or really good speakers with the volume cranked.

Don't sit and think about how the flame looks, don't even bother with how it goes from left of the explosion to right, and how the explosion is elongated. Pay no mind to ANY OF THAT, WHICH BY ITSELF PROVES A MISSILE JUST WATCH THIS VIDEO AND LISTEN TO THE SOUNDTRACK. YOU CAN CLEARLY HEAR THE MISSILE COME IN BEFORE THE BLAST.

If they kill this web site over me saying it like it is AND what to do about it, it will be re instated at and I suggest you bookmark the forum so you can go there as well. I will also post to because they are decent and do not shut me out. The folks at are also a good alternative backup, as is and Aangirfan at Blogspot. Though I have been off on my own for a while, if I get wiped here I will certainly be very likely to pop up at those locations.I just cannot see this missile strike and subsequently shut my mouth, this is TOO MUCH, DAMN THEM. This article is substantially edited, but it is better to be able to say at least SOMETHING than it is to be totally shut down. I NEED A SERVER IN RUSSIA, OR CHINA, OR SOME OTHER COUNTRY THAT WONT SHUT IT DOWN WHEN I REALLY SAY IT LIKE I SHOULD.
Perhaps no place is safe . . . . .
April 17, 2013

Jeff Bauman is no more Nick Vogt than the man on the moon


The man who had his legs blown off appears to be neither now, and he was never in a wheel chair to begin with. Why the media said he was in a wheel chair is beyond me, I don't know how that got told. It is obvious from additional pictures posted to the forum that the man who had his legs blown off was just standing around and was close to the bomb. Furthermore, the wheel chair story is not supported by the high resolution photos available on the web, NONE of them show ANY wheel chairs in the crowd. Why did the wheel chair story get spun then?
There is a discussion about this in the Boston thread on the forum, where photos are presented to refute the identity of Vogt, and I have to say I agree, but that the photos also prove it is not Bauman either. I also consider this a detail in a larger story, which is at a minimum a false flag at yet another drill. The bottom line is that the truth is NOT coming out of Boston via the mainstream press. So the following is left as history, it never applied because the entire wheel chair victim story line was B.S., and the photos on the forum prove it.
What really happened? A man who has never been accurately named got his legs blown off, and was carted away in a wheel chair. Bauman is a media fiction.

Fraud and actors proven at the Boston blast

UPDATE - do not miss the update to the end of this article, with high res photos of Vogt/Bauman with the blood compared to bona fide real events. I think an explosive device did go off and people were injured and died, but that as part of the well announced drill going on at the same time there were also actors on scene mixed in with real injured people, real blood, prop blood, the whole 9 yards. This is what I have said from the beginning.


They picked a really poor copy for Nick Vogt, and I mean, they really messed up big time. They were careful to only show Bauman with poses showing the right side of his face, and predominantly only showed Vogt with poses to the left side of his face, but they did screw up, and when you can compare both faces from the same angle, they are simply not the same guy.
The key poses follow.

Nick Vogt, who is in the wheel chair, DOES NOT match Bauman. Look at the hair and where it parts. Bauman is below

No match there, AT ALL, and you cannot just magically change that attribute of your hair.
The following photo is another of Nick Vogt. Note how the hair is a match. Though Vogt's hair is not grown out yet, it is OBVIOUS the natural part matches the Boston photo. Furthermore, Bauman's face is shorter and fuller, and Vogt's face is longer and more bony.

Bottom line? At least ONE actor was used for the Boston psy op.

They had a problem. The guy who was supposed to be the victim had no legs, and people figured it out. So they found another wheel chair bound man who had his legs and used him as a fill in for Vogt, once people knew Vogt had no legs. It was a rush job, and fate did not favor the scammers AT ALL. Nick Vogt dishonored his country and FAKED IT at the Marathon. That's all there is to it. God only knows if he knew beforehand it was all going to be a psy op and not a drill. Perhaps he should be cut some slack on those grounds. That having been said, something DID happen there, but certainly, Vogt was not part of any of the real action. WHY was an actor on scene with a hollywood grade prop?That was just TOO SIMPLE.

For your consideration - more on Bauman

The following was posted to the forum. Bottom line is I really do not know what to make out of what happened in Boston. I believe they had a drill set up, so actors were there, but they also had real injuries, because they went hot with the drill. I therefore present the following for your consideration.
This was posted to the Forum.
RE: Vogt/Bauman here are a few more pictures of the guy on the ground with leg bone, before he was put in the wheel chair as shown on home page here.
The pics are too high res for this page, click them.
Bauman 1
Bauman 2 
Bauman 3
and maybe here, his head/ear at the top? Bauman 4
Do these support or detract from it being Vogt or Bauman? I can't decide this...
--admin comment - Wow, those look real. However, now we get into another topic - the color of the blood. It looks like paint. Here is what REAL blood looks like on the ground.

And as a result of the above photos, where the color is consistent across the board from bona fide REAL photos, and TOTALLY different from what is out in Boston, I'd like to once again declare FAKE on Bauman.
However, due to environmental effects, I think that there were many injured out in Boston. What I think was going on there is that they wanted to do a drill and had actors there for the drill, complete with props, and the drill got sabotaged (by an intelligence agency) with a real device. So I think, and have always stated that this was a combination event, with actors and real injured people mixed in. As for Bauman, I am calling B.S.And I would like to ask now, why are the Israelis SO CONCERNED ABOUT THIS that they see fit to arrive with theirOwn police, to "help" in the investigation? If you want to control the outcome, GET INVOLVED!!!!
April 16, 2013

Boston bombing updates -

There is an excellent thread about this in the Forum
Notice that mister Vogt lost his legs entirely in Afghanistan in 2011. He appears to be one of the victims, and if so, where did he get that leg that is sticking out, stripped to the bone? This does not wash with me, that leg has GOT to be a prop.

This having been said, the photos DEFINITELY look real to me. Why Vogt was there with his little prop is beyond me. I think this was at least partially real, and they are PROVING IT this time.
HOWEVER, . . I have to admit, Vogt makes me want to call B.S. on the entire show . . . . . . .
Because . . . . . . .

Here at the bat man theater, we have the blood splashes going TOWARDS the door, rather than away from it. If someone really did run out of that theater bleeding, the blood splashes would be going the other way. This is an obvious setup, where the idiot who threw the blood down did it going the wrong direction.

Above we have Jessica Redfield (Ghawi's) damning tweet, - Jessica was one of the "dead" at Aurora, who witnessed another mass shooting a month earlier, and moved to a place with "five swimming pools and a lake" a few days before the "shooting". Nice payoff.
Below we have all the pictures of shot up children, bullet holes in the classrooms, children on stretchers and everything else of photographic proof from Sandy Hook:

So it's at least understandable why I am tempted to say no one got killed out in Boston, with mister NO LEGS suddenly sprouting one for show and all the cute photography tricks that were pulled in the past.

I am posting the following, in case it is real.


The patsy and his controllers have been found

Too many pictures got out of the Boston marathon to avoid this inevitability. This is developing, but it appears that two CIA or other handlers wearing earpieces and backpacks were controlling a patsy to do this bombing. Since other people are working on this (many many people comparing photos) I am going to ignore this topic until someone really pastes it all together. I do not need to spend time on this type of investigation when thousands of others are happy to do it and are posting their results.
I will post the final conclusion here later.

Boston coverage continues below the following article

Jewish community attacks power substation with late night gunfire


How, you may ask, do I know it was the Jewish community? Why would I be so brazen about it? Well, the answer is in the fact that when the attack happened, it was not possible to make a 911 call via any land line in the area (something the police are investigating right now) yet it was possible to make calls to other numbers via the same land lines, which proves the phone system was working and selectively sabotaged to NOT be able to accept a 911 call.
Now, why block 911 from a land line? Simple. The work telephones at the PG&E substation used land lines, and cell phones are often not allowed into that type of work environment. The short time that confusion in calling the police gave the shooter an extra ability to escape would be a favor made possible only by the Jewish community, which owns the phone company. They would definitely prevent calls to a specific number from working to protect one of their own while that special someone finished the job there.
The motive is a no brainer - it is a well established fact that it is the zionists pushing for a gun ban, with all the major players in gun banning being Jewish, most notably (it) Dianne Feinstein. Add to this the totally phony Sandy Hook psy op, run by the Jewish owned media, and it should be stick you like a porcupine obvious who wants guns banned in America. The fact that the Jews ran the slave trade proves the reason - they hate our freedoms and want a system in place that totally abolishes all true freedom and replaces it with an illusion. When I was inside their community, they talked about being close to achieving their final victory over mankind, but "were not there yet, because the internet was causing a problem".
Now to why they would attack a substation to begin with -
If Americans are not going to fall for a bullshit false flag bombing in Boston, and if they are not going to fall for Sandy Hook type incidents, then the Jews are going to have to justify banning guns (which will enable them to take out America, the last stand against world slavery) by attacking infrastructure, the most vulnerable of which is the electrical system. I am actually surprised the bullets did not short out any of the transformer windings, which then leads to another conclusion - whoever did this knew where to hit the transformers to prevent an immediate explosion, and only drain them of their oil, which acts as an electrical insulator. The oil is needed as an insulator because the voltages are too high and connections too close to not cause explosions in open air. So the idea the shooter obviously used was to cause the transformers to leak their oil, and later explode when the levels dropped enough which would give the shooter time to escape. Lucky thing the PG&E workers were on the ball and prevented explosions from happening (the transformers are enormous and take a while to drain) and as it is, 10,000 gallons of oil got out.
So here we have a knowledgeable trained shooter, not a typical saboteur, because of the way the transformers were hit, and a disabled 911 call system. This rules out Russia, North Korea, Iran, and any other country that does not have access to the phone system passcodes to disable the 911 number as well as the lone nut case, and leaves ONE CULPRIT, A CULPRIT WITH A MOTIVE - THE JEWISH COMMUNITY.
And if they think they can ditch the truth by censoring all reports of 911 not working in the area, they can have a nice time trying, because I made a Jpeg of THAT REPORT ALSO.

It looks as if they were forced to partially re-post the truth.

If the link below does not exactly match the text farther down the page, with the stuff they initially censored bolded, then it's holonet. As far as I can see, the link below now matches. But they pull the "switch what the link shows based upon your IP" crap with Youtube, so I do not know what is going to show on your screen from somewhere else (perhaps this behavior is not limited to Youtube). Make sure what you see at this link matches the Jpeg of the original article farther down the page.
Here is the link I am talking about.

Boston reporting (major) continues after the following article:

This web site may have stopped a false flag nuclear attack

I was told in no uncertain terms that after the Fukushima report, the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Chinese military, Russian military intelligence and others were watching this web site closely, because the Fuku report was documented accurate and the various intelligence agencies then took my NSA background seriously and have continued to hit this site for info that is hard to find elsewhere. Well,
I don't take Fulford as 100 percent accurate but his last release made me think, and does contain some hard truth, which follows:
" Japanese TV stations had cancelled their regular TV programming for what was supposed to be a special announcement at 9 PM on the 13th. Several Japanese government offices also sent out false reports on that day that North Korea had launched a missile. However, nothing happened and the official North Korean news agency website was taken off the internet for a while when it became clear the North Koreans were no longer following the Zionist script.
Obama’s messengers had given North Korea $3 billion to stage provocations but the North Koreans stopped cooperating when they found out that Israeli nuclear submarines were planning to stage nuclear terror attacks to blame on them, according to Japanese military intelligence."
If you read farther down this page, I clearly showed how North Korea was bribed with 3 billion to put on a show, and as a result they were setting themselves up to be the fall guys in an Israeli false flag nuclear attack, where the Israelis would use either their submarines or a Magna BSP OWL. What made the North Koreans stop going along with this script? I won't ever know for sure, but I would like to think it was this web site, and believe it probably was.
At any rate, despite the censorship making it seem otherwise in the MSM, it really looks like the elite are grasping at straws now, hoping for one of them to be the winner. My guess? the Boston bombing will backfire, they are all over the map poking and prodding for a way to benefit their agenda with this, and for all I can see it really looks like THIS TIME, they totally screwed the pooch.
If Fulford is right, and all the deaths in the elite aristocracy are targeted killings, and the pope really is running around asking questions about the legitimacy behind all their crap, we just may see that fortunate day when those the zionists worship within their hierarchy are dragged through the streets and LYNCHED. A hollow point would be good enough. At any rate, they are cornered now and losing options. North Korea's failure to swallow the bait well enough to get it's intestines ripped out was probably a critical setback, and evil people will do horrible things when cornered. Who knows what that will be, but I would not expect the zionist cabal, which has hundreds of their own nukes and thousands of America's nukes usurped to go out quietly. The financial and metals market rigging just is not going to be enough to satisfy their arrogance on its own.
April 15, 2013

Who did NOT bomb the Marathon

1. Arabs
2. Iran
3. North Korea.

Save every last news bit, youtube video and sound bite, because it is a certainty that if this was not someone's barbecue going off, it was either the CIA or the Mossad. We are going to have to solve THIS one on our own and most importantly, spread the word - IF YOU GOT CELL PHONE VIDEO OF THIS, OR ANY OTHER VIDEO, DO NOT TURN IT IN. They will bury all pieces of it that do not serve their agenda, and you will not see it again. More later
UPDATE: The explosion looked like Tannerite, Gun owners could be blamed leading up to a ban



Original poster was using a UK IP address. Who gets THAT kind of preferential treatment in the search engines? Someone in the City of London?.
UPDATE: Police arrested a Saudi National so it looks like the good news is that the patsy is not a gun owner or patriot, at least so far. UPDATE: They backed out on the Saudi angle on this.
UPDATE: Families of Sandy Hook shooting WERE AT THE BOMB SITE WHEN IT WENT OFF, DURING A SPECIAL "DAY OF HONOR" FOR THEM AT THE BOSTON MARATHON. ??!!?? More to come on this topic, they were exactly at mile 26 in the 26.2 mile marathon, and the bombs went off BEFORE the finish line, and from the photos, one of them had to have been at mile 26. Sounds like they are supposed to play into the sob line in an OBVIOUS FALSE FLAG.
The attack happened right where all the nations flags were, and CNN is saying this is a global attack, and the "world" has to respond. LOVELY.
UPDATE: Explosion happened on the same day as the Boston bomb squad was doing a "controlled explosion drill". HMM, looks like the elite scammers forgot all about the fact that we have already connected the dots between drills and it really happening . . . . . . .


UM Coach: Bomb Sniffing Dogs Were at Start, Finish Lines for “Drill”

University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.
DELETED: “They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”
Stevenson had just finished the marathon. His wife had been sitting in one of the seating sections where an explosion went off, but thankfully she left her seat and was walking to meet up with him.
“There was just smoke, another explosion went off,” Stevenson said. “We all started running. There were people crying.”
DELETED: "Stevenson said there was no question in his mind that this was an intentional act".

The video where the man screams out to the bomb squad "Are you sure you did not have anything to do with this" is at the end of the first press conference with the police. People are saying that the man who screamed it sounded pissed off, as if he knew they did it. It got censored out. FIND THE ORIGINAL.

UPDATE: All links to any references where people are speaking about the drill that was going on are being rapidly deleted from all news web site comment sections. It's a forbidden topic. Oh, did I forget to mention that the Zionist cabal did this false flag for whatever reason?

April12, 2013


North Korea was paid 3 billion dollars to saber rattle and BULLSHIT a nuclear threat

If you want to know why this site is hated and censored, look at what is below with regard to North Korea and the RCEP. I'd bet a $50 that the Mossad is aboard an Israeli submarine, standing by and waiting for orders to launch on an unwitting North Korea's behalf. And if a sub is not used, it is a near certainty that An OWL will hoot

Is the RCEP the real reason for North Korea's behavior?

North Korea may have been paid to act belligerent and unwittingly provide the perfect cover for an Israeli sponsored nuclear false flag

The zionist banker group may appear to be powerful to America and Europe, because America and Europe are tightly within it's grasp. However, their hold on the world economy via the U.S. dollar may not be all it is cracked up to be.
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership which could be compared to an oriental form of NAFTA presents a serious threat to the superiority of the dollar as a reserve currency in the global economic marketplace. Combined, the RCEP member states have a GDP much larger than the United States, and as a group, via the RCEP agreement, these countries have agreed to trade with each other via their own currencies, thus bypassing the need to use the US dollar as a trade medium.
The RCEP took form on November 20th, 2012. And that date is significant - Think back a while - when did North Korea begin acting so belligerently? When did they do their nuke test? When did they launch their missile that probably got shot down? The timeline fits. And North Korea sits within the RCEP group of nations. I'd bet they are getting paid to act belligerently.
Now the focus is away from Iran. It's all North Korea now. Why did the zionists suddenly begin ignoring Iran, only to put the spotlight on North Korea? Could it be that there is a greater economic threat looming for their Rockefeller banker dollar, a threat greater than Iran's private central bank? I would hedge my bet that ANY country capable of owning and running a nuclear reactor, ANY country capable of building rockets and nuclear warheads, is not too stupid to do the math and understand that 2 or 3 nuclear warheads launched from an area a few hundred kilometers across to a target that is enormous is a stupid idea, when the target can respond with thousands of nuclear warheads in return. I don't think North Korea is serious with any of these threats, and I would bet that instead, there is a greater chance that NK has been given an incentive by the Rothchild or Rockefeller bankers and their cronies to act belligerently on the world stage in exchange for a payoff.
I would bet they have been told to make a little noise, and nothing will happen. Just do not launch. And what happens next? How about making a few of Magna BSP's owls hoot? It would be a pristine false flag. After all, North Korea said they would do it, RIGHT? Think about that - NK threatens. Something goes BOOM. Perfect setup; - and then, the Rockefeller group rolls their military right into the midst of the RCEP nations, breaks lots of stuff, and re-instates it's own economic order, complete with forced dollar compliance.
Far fetched idea? I don't think it is too far off the mark at all.


Incentive given to North Korea CONFIRMED
Aangirfan is a top level truther who digs very deep and is highly credible. Aangirfan has found a report which confirms that North Korea did indeed get a massive payoff, My only variance from AAngirfan's perspective is that I believe Kim Jong has eaten the bait and will now be hooked into taking the rap in a nuclear a false flag.
The obvious problem with North Korea playing along is that Kim Jong probably does not know that Israel has nukes planted in many places around the world, waiting for a PRIME false flag opportunity. Kim Jong is providing this opportunity. And he, even with a payoff of 3 billion, is likely to be getting the shaft big time. I would say that there is a high probability of a nuke going off somewhere now, and that Kim Jong will not be responsible, but he will definitely have the blame rammed down his throat. To get a firm understanding of Israel's nuclear strategy, which is what makes situations like this one with North Korea so dangerous, make sure you have read my report NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL

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