Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hillary Clinton Placed Under House Arrest -- Unconfirmed Report

Monday, 18 March 2013

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One brave anon; dares vid the written report.  Come on people, we can do better.
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Congress did.

And now, *if you are human* it's your turn humanity.

Only human can do it:


War Criminals Last Stand; DETONATE NUKE PLANT  (sound familiar Japan?)

'Bout Time if you ask me.


>>>Financial Warning<<<

economic-collapse (1)>>>NOTICE<<<

                 In order to do my duty to all those who may be at risk,
I am offering this report.
                 In following finance it is always wise to know in advance
exactly what is going on, and offer insight into the realities governing
the forces at work.
                 In the recent past I have clearly stated that those who have
had the ‘power’, financial and political/military, are loosing control.
                 In the strictest terms, manipulations of ALL markets has been
running rampant in the wildest ways.
                 Those who understand the true nature of ‘collateral’ and its origins,
knows that ALL currencies are based on this collateral.
                  In recent weeks, there has been open manipulation of precious
metals markets.
                  Extreme drops in ‘delivered’ prices, or spot prices, was seen by
everyone with any interest.
                  I have stated openly that this was done on purpose by the largest
holders/traders, institutional and private.
                  Most of the large traders always use ‘paper’ in their large trades.
                  The delivery contracts are a form of ‘bond’, as an agreement,
between buyer and supplier.
                  Everyone has been told to exit ALL paper of every kind.
                  The open standing orders for tons of Gold was the final signal to
every holder. This was a forewarning of a ‘serious problem’.
                   Due to needs, most holders of paper have been requesting
‘physical delivery’ of their Gold.
                   >Most have been Refused by the trading entities involved at the
highest levels and largest firms.<
                   These traders used the same scam as central banks of ‘fractional
banking’, loaning and selling ghost Gold!
                   >The real assets sold far outstrip supply.<
                   One of two things will occur. Acceptance of cash in stead of the
Gold, OR a complete ‘default’ in the whole trading markets.
                   Either way, those holding (in hand) real Gold will see the price go
through the roof!
                   Basic economics states clearly that, high demand and short supply,
means a rise in price.
                   Although none of the main stream media is reporting this collapse
on one side and skyrocketing on the other, I am.
                   Note that the price was artificially suppressed recently. Notice that
even though an artificial collapse was attempted, it Failed!
                   Many who had seen the Gold commodity fall, suddenly became Buyers.
                   This caused a stabilization of the price and a short time later a rise.
                   At this point, the large traders have tried to make calls accepting the
physical Gold, and  most have been refused because of a lack of supply.
                   >Hold or buy Gold NOW!<
                   As the ‘Paper’ Gold has started to be used, there isn’t enough to make
delivery. $1.1 Trillion in paper was dropped into the markets and the price went to $1300.
Just as suddenly, a feeding frenzy of buying took place, and the price rose to $1400 +.
                   The price is still climbing…
                   First, paper gold will decrease in value.
                   Second, all physical gold will increase in value.
                   Third, there will be a ‘failure’ in the traders markets.
                   Fourth, those holding physical gold will see the real ‘price’.
                   My estimate of valuation is in the three times (3 X) present price.
                   This will cause extreme panic among those who have relied on currency
support through assets held by central banking and treasuries World Wide.
                   Hold your ground AND your water.
                   Under no circumstances, sell your Gold.
                   As currencies are affected, only those ‘commodities’ recognized as currency,
will be honored as currency. This is Gold and Silver.
                   Behind the scenes, Neil Keenan is very close to releasing the collateral accounts.
                   This means that the holders of the collateral that ALL currency value is drawn from, have decided to ‘call’ the accounts due and payable. Collateral + 4% per anum interest.
                   I do hope this gives a simple look at a very complex set of incidents.
                   The impacts of these actions should start to be felt by next week.
                   Get ready NOW!  No one has any time left.
                       ~ Drake

The White Rabbit!

Humanity Arising #Ascension2013 #TRUTH
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