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Harassment of those publishing the truth:

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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"Publishing About Joris Demmink Case? Expect An Investigation By Dutch Tax Authorities

Newspaper Katholiek Nieuwsblad is one of the few newspapers in The Netherlands which dares to address the Joris Demmink ordeal. It also tends to do that in a factual way, rather than debunking any claims about the former Secretary General of the Justice Department.

Obviously, that is enough reason to be expecting some countermeasures by local authorities, who are still very much afraid that pulling the Joris Demmink plug, will empty the entire bathtub.
Dutch blog is convinced that the latest investigation by Dutch tax authorities – which conclude that newspaper Katholiek Nieuwsblad has been evading taxes, using a charitable fund through which they’re receiving donations – is primarily meant to be an act of retaliation for the fact that the newspaper has published numerous articles about Joris Demmink.

This particular move by Dutch authorities and their eagerness to have it made public by Dutch main stream media, has at long last triggered to publish their first serious article about this case.

Let’s see whether more and more people and organizations within The Netherlands itself are getting fed up by this charade and feel it’s about time to lift the curtains and see who has been protecting who and why…

It is not expected that Dutch tax authorities will also investigate the much, much larger Dutch newspapers that consistently choose not to publish Demmink related news articles.
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