Sunday, 28 April 2013

#CHEMTRAILS Massive Coverup Spread Truth! #MORGELLONS

NOTE: grab it quick, all of the linked videos in the description ALREADY downed.  This page, for the already awake; those that understand how this NAZI genocide is being conducted.  Note, we've been unable to watch this video for 24 hours, thus, dumping it UNWATCHED before it disappears, too!  If this is all a bit much for you, bottom of this post, a more gentle (we suspect) introduction.


Monday, 8 October 2012

BL001 Fiber disease Morgellons Phoma Sp. (Pleospora) PSI Blast is a novel environmentally resistant pathogenic and contagious stem cell related man made synthetic quorum sensing micro-organism. The base architecture represents cyanobacteria (CBL) fused with a trypanosome like element. This base architecture will differentiate into a set of commensal resembling microorganisms. Differentiation equals cell specialization. Multi lineage differentiation is a fact. Elements are reciprocal in action. Quorum sensing is a stem-like property. Infection with this element mimics Protothecosis and Trypanosomiasis. The agent constitutes foreign adaptive protein. Protein can mimic DNA. Association with multi nucleated giant cell type Langerhans, vacuolated cytokine and epithelial cell is rational. Multiple dominant gene expression is associated with: differential: Lepidoptera and Diptera, marine related specie, mammal like specie, bird like specie. PROGNOSIS HOST PATHOGEN INTERACTION An infection with this synthetic element is acute, persistent and latent.General characteristic: slowly progressive and invasive.Mode of transmission: air, water, contact, and vector born.The infection may directly or indirectly become associated with:DIFFERENTIAL: PROTOTHECOSIS TRYPANOSOMIASIS Tissue replacing property .....calcification.........erosion THERAPY RESISTANT SKIN DISEASE: Sarcoidosis, ulcerous process, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, vascular related disease, fibromyalgia like condition, sclerotic process, granulomatous process, amyloidosis like process, joint pain, infection of uro-genital track, neurogenic condition, involvement of CNS, conjunctivitis, infestation of the vitreous, otitis, sinusitis, auto immune related disease, nosocomial infection. Prolonged contact with this type element could be associated with neurogenerative disease, be a factor in cancerous like process and congenital disease Phoma Sp. (Pleospora) PSI Blast

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Published on Apr 27, 2013
ECDC put the Dutch Government under pressure after I report ECDC, CDC and Interpol in France about an environmental crime. In reaction the Dutch Government send the National coordination team for an interview. Members of the Western Alliance are responsible for the release of this pathogen. I suppose that this model organism is used to manufacture precursor chemicals and the concept must have been used again during present war. The Institute and adjacent military airport that has vanished in 1991 after the outbreak in 1980 were in direct line with the international production line of the F16 hence e.g Lockheed Martin and Lackland.President Clinton gave this institute money to study the effects of Gulf War syndrome. Bio remediation has gone on since today and a novel residential area that was put down on former contaminated soil (about 1990) has an unprecedented number of people with cancer. They protest about this fact 2004. The Alliance knew what would be the result of an outbreak in terms of a steady flow of medical cases. The higher echelon knows very well what the general effect will be on the population. And I can assure You that it is very very bad for an unprecedented number of people. Transboundary! In fact what you need is an execution peleton. That' s my opinion and I am a rather peacefull thinker. tamtam Coral ECDC monitor of the European Union put the Dutch Government under pressure after I report ECDC, CDC and Interpol in France about an environmental crime. In reaction the Dutch Government send the National coordination team for an interview.

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