Sunday, 7 April 2013

#CENSORED DPP - War Crimes Trials #LAW #NORWAY

Public letter from Professor Vogt (HERO!!) to the Director of Public Prosecutions in Norway about the ABSENCE of WAR CRIMES TRIALS against the WAR CRIMINALS in the NORWEGIAN GOVERNMENT!  GET THIS SEEN!


Sunday, 7 April 2013
#NORWAY Prof Vogt Hears The White Rabbit! #WARCRIMES

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"The review media Norway does not talk about!

Published March 31 - 7428 views Post
Edvard Vogt has reviewed Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Defense Chief Helge Sunde for war crimes after Norwegian attacks on Libya.

Edvard Vogt is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen. Vogt is among others known for their role in the exposure of police violence cases in Bergen.



The review:

To the Director of Public Prosecutions,

Square 2,
0165 Oslo,

Review of Foreign Minister Gahr Støre and military chief Lieutenant General Helge Sunde. The undersigned law professor em. Edvard Vogt is chairman of legal organizations Centre for Policy Development, the Rule of Law Association and the Nordic peace organization Peace Academy.

I review hereby Foreign Minister Gahr Støre and military chief Lieutenant General Helge Sunde for war crimes and other violations of the UN Charter and other martial relevant treaties committing Norway - and against the provisions of Norwegian law that regulates the Norwegian war participation.

An overview of their law and treaty violations, evidence was presented in a documentary that was sent iNRK Focal Point on 12 March 2013 and in an article by Lieutenant Colonel Dag Henriksen in the latest issue of the magazine International Poitikk.

Without legal coverage in the Constitution and in our government system and not covered by the decision of the United Nations has Gahr Støre without government treatments ordered military actions against Libya, where Norwegian military then dropped 567 bombs in total to remove the country's legitimate head of state and regime. The bombing was not led by the international leadership that the United Nations had given the task to control the Libyan government airline operations. The bombing was led by Norwegian defense chief officers under the command of the pilots and himself, with the predictable result that the civilian residential areas were bombed with the loss of civilian lives, including children.

Of Defence and the Foreign Minister has unlawfully kept the information they have about the reason illegal procedure and the illegal Norwegian bombing and its civilian victims hidden and they have failed to carry out further investigations of the Norwegian bombeflyveres war crimes and violations of international law.

Bergen 13.03.2013

Edvard Vogt"

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One or both of which (investigative journalists in Norway) are currently subject to ILLEGAL military intelligence HARRASSMENT over their investigation!


The White Rabbit!

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