Monday, 22 April 2013


Will you watch?

Will you watch it all the way through?

I doubt it.

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Too busy taking in 'They Hate Us For Our Freedoms' .... Whilst the rest of the world LAUGHS, and says, WHAT FREEDOMS dumbfuck. They stole all those, with the 911 FALSE FLAG; the CIA, FBI, FAA, NYPD, NYPA etc, etc.Don't you read judges of the Italian Supreme Court?

Why not, when they NAME the PEOPLE and ORGANISATIONS, like those above, who need to STAND TRIAL in WAR CRIMES TRIALS; you know, the ones you know NOTHING about because you've been far, far,f ar too busy watching what THEY DESIGNED for you to watch, so you wouldn't notice this document, nor read, the Honorary judge, now has DOCUMENTARY PROOF, that Bilderberg PLANNED THE ATTACK ON AMERICA:

Whilst the PROSECUTORS in ROME, get on with their jobs, the MAFIA WAR CRIMINAL NAMED by YOUR congressional report, is of course, in charge, of BOSTON BOMBING investigations ... And you dumbo, lardy arse, don't even know any of this, do you?

Anyway, move along, nothing to see here; all just a 500+ page CONGRESSIONAL BIPARTISAN REPORT, which like the 911 Report, is PURE PURE FANTASY, right.

No illegal invasions, no torture, no indefinite detentions (obviously you've not heard about the HUNGER STRIKE by the CLEARED of ANY WRONGDOING (but DETAINED NEVERTHELESS) ILLEGALLY HELD prisoners in GITMO.

And you know, they notice that you don't know, or worse, don't even care about INNOCENTS, CLEARED by YOUR system (of MILITARY justice, in GITMO), who are NOT RELEASED.

The whole of the rest of the world knows ALL about this.  And soon, you will be joining those INNOCENT people, because, they notice, that you American, don't MIND, do you.

And so, they will bring this to YOUR TOWN NEXT; mark my words, I'm very, very rarely wrong.

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Hint, they don't hate you fro the freedoms they know you don't have (your delusional, just ask occupy ;)), they hate you because you KEEP BOMIBING THE FUCK OUTTA THEM!

What's so complicated.

Maybe today, with Boston this weekend, you'll finally realise, just what that feels like, with just these TWO tiny bombs, set off (tiny, compared to the amount of ordinance the US military dropped today, you can be sure of it).

All that, before the CHEMICAL WEAPONS issue ... Which no doubt you also have no idea about.

Oh, and then there's just the SMALL matter, of everyone having seen videos like this:


And of course, you believe the official PATSY story, every time, don't you, DUMBO.

Despite the MASSIVE amount of EVIDENCE, every time:

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