Sunday, 28 April 2013


To the guy that wrote in to tell me our coverage of the Boston (Al-CIA-Da) bombing was outrageous...  Do you really think in the middle of a non-STAGED, event, you'd find the make-up guiy, ensuring, everyone has a nice covering of dust.  Really?  First an introduction to 'The President'/.

Hint: who is no such thing.

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Because if so, I think you're STUPID.  Now slave, GO TELL YOUR FRIENDS who REALLY DID lose their legs in the AMERICAN BOMBING of BOSTON, the TRUTH, as I told you, DAYS AGO; your friends paid for the SUPPRESSION of THIS REPORT with their LEGS. Be a man and AT LEAST tell htme WHY they lost their legs, and LET THEM READ THE REPORT.  You may be too much of a BRAINWASHED IDIOT, but they, now with no legs, I bet, have lost their MK-ULTRA.

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"Published on Apr 25, 2013 in this scene from a clip sent to me from Germany, of I believe the second bombing scene, you can clearly see that a guy standing on the sidelines of some people who are working on someone on the ground makes dust over the scene with 2 large, white pads that he smacks together. Maybe it is magic anti-biotic dust! Or a giant styptic dust pad to stem the bleeding! Hey, that's a good idea, I think I'll patent it. It was a DRILL, people. If people REALLY got hurt, which some of you are telling me, then someone should sue every single agency involved. Personally, I do not think anyone was injured... youtube name of original video: Etliche Verletzte von Boston noch in Lebensgefahr | euronews, welt it starts at 1:09 and goes to 1:13"

All this a shock, you need (if you're a ADULT, not a CHILD), this:

Saturday, 27 April 2013
#USA 911: Very Basics Explained for Adults #AMERICA

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