Sunday, 21 April 2013

#DHS April 28th L.A. NUCLEAR EVENT. Set up #IRAN #WW3

Too depressed to write much today.  Because you ignored all the proof on this website, publishedby me, DOXING the reality of the THEFT of your RIGHTS.

In a digital world; access is everything; and now the USA, in material respects, is cuttof.

Saturday, 20 April 2013
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This therefore, sort of fits.

And you know, so many, wouldn't deserve it.

Those who prefer security over liberty, have soon found themselves with none.

Haven't you.

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Nikola Tesla Secret

Published on Apr 20, 2013

via @KaiHolloway Subscibe and for Gods sake PLEASE click SHARE and put this on your FaceBook page. IP Also please spend a little time investigating the possibility of this event actually happening, Video makers, please expose this page.. JUST IN CASE....... IP

You do know about the NUKES in AMERICAN cities, already placed?

Oh well., guess you should have learned to use search.

DUMB LAZY FUCKS, who never donate nor really actually USE this resource, deserve to lose it.

Maybe time to go darknet.

If you'll do that with me; send contact request via XMPP addy here:

I don't want to get cut of from reality worldwide.

PS; we did get these up; dumbos, so far, only the Tesla sold:

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The White Rabbit!

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