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#WARCRIMINAL Operation Condor Revisited #KISSINGER

Operation Condor Revisited

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by James Corbett
March 26, 2013
Over the past several weeks we have been examining the economic and political state of Latin America, from Brazil toArgentina to Chile and other points in between. The tendency of most regional overviews of this sort is to misinterpret the region’s present by viewing it through the filter of the past. It is easy to dismiss everything in Central and South America as merely a product of banana republics and narcotrafficking crime bosses, but to do so is, as we have demonstrated, to completely misunderstand the strong economic growth and sweeping societal changes the region has seen over the past decade.
It cannot be denied, however, that the past casts a long shadow over us all, and those repressed memories that have not been dealt with will continue to haunt the collective memory of a people until they have been addressed. Perhaps this is why a particularly dark chapter in the history of South America has come to the surface once again in two completely separate separate incidents, in the past few weeks.
The 1970s saw a series of military coups sweep across Latin America, with military dictatorships coming into power in Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. Together with longstanding military regimes in Paraguay and Brazil, these six countries began a clandestine intelligence operation codenamed Operation Condor designed to eliminate their opposition through a campaign of secret arrests, torture, disappearances, targeted assassinations and outright murder."
You know, this Henry Kissinger:

"Like it or Not: Military-style Drones Will Patrol NYC, Bloomberg

March 24, 2013
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Source: New York Post

Like it or not, the eye in the sky will soon be following your every move, according to Mayor Bloomberg.

“You can’t keep the tides from coming in,” the mayor remarked when asked about drones on his weekly radio show.

“We’re going to have more visibility and less privacy. I just don’t see how you could stop that.”

The NYPD already has cameras mounted at strategic locations around the city and there’s no reason, by the mayor’s reckoning, that they have to attached to light poles.

“It’s scary. What’s the difference if a drone is up in the air or on a building,” he said.

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The White Rabbit!

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