Saturday, 9 March 2013

#OCCUPY Disinformation ALERT #OPPT #OWS #LAW

Previously (and only the once):
#FREEMAN One Peoples' Public Trust #ICC #OPPT #LAW

The Post:

OK, OK, I've sat back long enough, watching so many people, who should know so much better, falling time and time and time again for the next round of disinformation, bullshit and lies. ENOUGH! Fall for this CALL TO SPEND TIME on PAPERWORK, when the CONSTITUTION (you know, a piece of paper) is being SHREDDED right in front of your very eyes; whilst the UNITED KINGDOM, is being TAKEN OVER, by the BILDERBERG SECRET TRIALS SYSTEM, designed to EMBED their CRIMINALITY, for eons to come.

Filing bits of paper, does not stop THUGS with GUNS. Fact.

Time to grow up people, and STOP WASTING YOUR TIME on the OPPT.  We covered it ONCE before, and we're forced to again, now their intent, has come into the clear; to DISTRACT and WASTE THE TIME of Occupiers WORLDWIDE, into believing all they need do is WAIT for PILES of CASH, to arrive (sound familiar, NESERA RELIGION believers?)?

American Kabuki, frankly, I'm very disappointed in; removing the shackles, now, too.

I do appreciate I'm likely going to get hated worlwide by the fluffy 'alternative media', that buys any old bullshit, wrapped up as the SOLUTION.  As long as it requires NO RISK, and has a promise of UNTOLD RICHES at the end of the RAINBOW.  Believe in FANTASY if you want.

You have been warned.

What set me off (apart from being SERIOUSLY pissed at sites I thought really were out for the public good spewing forth this BULLSHIT daily.  This (I just found the above in drafts, having forgotten I'd written it! <g> Busy, busy ... But now I have a DISINFORMED person, endlessly SPAMMING the comments (First time we've had this problem, do note (where DO they get the time from, hint! ;)) ... What REALLY set me off, what this:

"To everyone in the Occupy movement
To all those who participated in the OCCUPY Movement worldwide! I’d like to offer you a choice. Do you really want to get to the root of all the issues you were protesting – All thecorrupt bankers, government officials and systems. Well the One People’s Public Trustgot to the root of it all. I can only show you the door. Only YOU can open it.

I encourage you to become familiar with OPPT and what they have accomplished with the UCC filings made late last year. You can see for yourself after thorough inspection of the information presented on this site along with other OPPT Network sites that we the people have achieved a lawful and legal action that resets all systems back to prime.

What does this mean? Why hasn’t this been announced? Well for a lot of people it takes time to really understand what was accomplished with these filings, especially if they have had no exposure to alternative sources of information. Secondly, the final round of arrests of a few remaining key players in the old system has not yet occurred. These remaining cowards still control the media and will not publicly admit that their time is up.
We now have a free planet. The old world is dead. I can assure you of this. It only appears the same because people simply do not know what has happened. Once people know, we can ALL move forward together in universal peace. We can ALL decide how we want to live our lives and what systems we put in place to assist this. We the people, YES YOU AND I, are the beneficiaries of the ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC TRUST.

OCCUPIERS! Don’t take my word for it. Once you research and understand it for yourself, I think you’d like to share this knowledge throughout your network. Your support could just be the difference of whether or not this information goes viral. Its worth the “time” you put in to understanding your freedom and value at all levels and IS very rewarding.
For the very latest information you can catch the upcoming Oppt-In broadcast Monday night at 7PM on Freedom Reigns blog talk radio. Here’s a link.
With very much love.

Grant Williams – OPPT NYC"

People who don't know history are DOOMED to repeat it.

"The phrase "peace for our time" was spoken on 30 September 1938 by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in his speech concerning the Munich Agreement and the Anglo-German Declaration.[1] The phrase echoed Benjamin Disraeli, who upon returning from the Congress of Berlinin 1878 stated "I have returned from Germany with peace in our time." It is primarily remembered for its ironic value, as the German occupation of theSudetenland began on the following day. Less than a year after the agreement, following continued aggression from Germany and its invasion of Poland, Europe was plunged into World War II."

Bit of paper, do NOT stop NAZIS; FACT.

Bitcoin DOES!  DEAD in their NAZI TRACKS!

Friday, 10 January 2014


Or as I put it to someone (admittedly and unusually for me, rather impolitely) ... or


Failing that (if you would like to amend your ways.  Time to GET AN EDUCATION:


UPDATE (posted 15th April 2013).

It seems the 'alternative media' ever so big on building up this fraud (all except us, it did seem), is now busy 'leading' you back down the very hill they just lead you up.

You might want to think on about that, and choose who you read, more carefully.

I have noted, so far, not even one apology from those blog writers for having SET BACK HUMANITY by MONTHS, covering this BULLSHIT endlessly.

And now go back off, and carry on reading all about it, SLAVE.

From us, not one more word (and the above I think was our one and only word, dragged out of us, due to the internal DISTRESS at seeing SO many The Pet Goat lead a merry dance, too dumb to work it out for themselves, too STUPID to bother to even read the OPENING LINES of one of the first documents this fraud ever revealed.  'Awake and Aware'; hardly, just a fair weather protester, wants to be in the in-crowd, and doesn't really care about the truth, just wants a new leader, ANY new leader, because it's no longer cool to clap the NAZIS, like quite often, they did for so long.



Friday, 10 January 2014

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  1. Mankind has journeyed through lifetimes in which false concepts, beliefs, and fears were blindly accepted as the truth and in our ignorance, we gave away our power.... Proselytizing and attempting to force a certain belief system ("my" way is the only "right" way") onto others is an activity of ego. Even when you can clearly observe where someone is missing the mark, it must be understood that the experience is their lesson and their path, which may be totally different than yours. This does not mean you cannot throw out a helpful "seed" of advice, but then let it go. No one can be forced into a state of consciousness they have not yet attained, and all have Guides, a Higher Self, and a contract they are following. Prisons are still necessary for those harmful to themselves and others, but should be places of healing and growth, not simply places of punishment.... "as you say we are busy busy too busy take notice, that is not entirely true, there are those of us who do take notice of what you say and do our best to spread this info". The oppt people, they're doing whatever they can the best way they know to help wake up the unawakened - their intentions is of the best - it is up to the rest of Us to discern whether it would help does help or not: - This mother of 8 children is one of the bravest individuals I know who went up against this authoritarian system all on her own had them flabbergasted didn't know how to take this mere human, treated her like dirt - the banks, the msm media, the courts, the police, the welfare, the hospitals all of them who do not know how to treat this individual simply because she used their methods against them and and it took a corporate lawyer to show her how to do so in their 'kangaroo' court. So for these oppt people before you make judgement ... For me it will be a tool of importance irrespective of how many men may want to 'downtrod' it (and there are many), it is there to be used and it WILL BE USED in the near future, just need some more practice on it. O by the way, when you or anyone do or are forced into their 'kangaroo' court system to be prosecuted by them they have a law for the common people of which judges never ever take notice of and then they have their corporate law which is used by judges (which is never taught in law school to the common lawyer, admiralty/marime/corporate law, don't this thing belong out on sea and NOT on land?) ... so rubbish them (oppt) or not it is up to rest of to make that choice....


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