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#MKULTRA Michael Jackson & Caduceus Dragon #CIA #NWO

Sometimes, for legal reasons, we simply publish someone elses research without comment.

This, is one such time.  You'll soon see why.

We did publish this video on site, earlier.  And if you don't know it's contents backwards, you need to DROP the MK-ULTRA, and LISTEN TO A VICTIM OF IT, RIGHT NOW!

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"Dated 21/03/2013 - True Factual Statement from Miss Clare Anne Probert, via @caduceusdragon 

As witnessed Evidenced on Twitter & Family Friends Statements included and attached should this inf

ormation be used in a court of Law for evidence.

Crimes committed:

Defamatory of Character to both myself, Michael Jackson and other innocent Woman online (whom can come forw<ard if they wish to file civil complaints)
Cyber Attacking -
Threats to business under the disguise of (accustation of Child molestation)
Harrasment -
Violent Abusive comments on @lamj_snarl @asmichaelsaysit and accounts he operates associated to Micheal Jackson.
Mk Ultra Techniques - Performed by a woman harrasing Stalking Michael Jackson on twitter under various accounts.

(Mike holds all information relating to the Abuse he was under and History from his @asmichaelsaysitchannel.

What I want to know is the Whom is behind it so I have attached some evidence from Nearly 4 years of Abuse & mind control from a source I must suggest relates to a Woman. Who does this woman work for? The Jackson family?

Now we must find out whom this woman is, her I.D and her involvement with the Jackson Family & or the illuminati. 

The information presented within other Twitlongers, photo graphs, email evidence I have been harrased by a woman for 4 years posing under various accounts. Please read all twitlongers enclosed to have a full idea and picture.

I would also suggest @lamj_snarl release all his twitlongers confirming the harrasement from the Family and years of lies and deceit, Trying to frame their Brother for his Wealth & Estate.

This is her name selection on Twitter @gardeniaqueen, @orgasmicangel @Angelcariadd
@galaxyqueens11 @michellelovemj these are the main ones there are a few other accounts, but for now this is enough we have the root of the problem, Who is this Woman? My job is to find out legally or out in a Public setting or any social network site.

See this statement here: Confirming I am Lily, I wrote a Love story between two people that wanted to never come out like this, however after 4 years seems as if Jack & Lily have no option.

So Who is this Woman that wanted to hurt me, and Mike, that tried to come inbetween their love.

Now Mike has confirmed History, At a Young tender age being brought into the spot light by his father more information here

"joe jackson is an mk ultra operative
who's abuse of his own children was used to profit the CIA's programs that follow and study the effects of child abuse on the young, and how their minds can be controlled to such an extent, and with such abuse, that they can be forced to develop talent."

For more information read @Anarchypurpose about Illuminati MK Ultra Mind techniques. The father was/is one Evil man, Selling his son soul, in return for money. AS the cash rolled in certain member's of the Family turned a blind eye whist pretending it was not happening, even though Family members have admitted in Public & media they too have been victims of CIA MK ULtra techniques. How can anyone in a family allow this kind of abuse is beyond me, and disgusting. This was passed to me, Truth about the History of Randy, Jermaine & Joe Jackson, information is self Explanatory, and shows as Michael was stating for Many years he felt Threatened for his life.

CIA operatives are Trained by other operatives not actually realising the consequence through their action, they too are now programmed & a programmer. Once programmed, they will seek search and destroy the target, In this case Michael Jackson, with repeat attempts on his Career, his health, his mind, and also his love of the fans to turn against him. Once in the HW or music industry and you sign your soul to the Devil, they do not let you leave, as far as the "Illuminti" are concerned you are owned. Mike spent years warning other Artists, Family members and the Public, but no one was really aware of the Root cause, being Three members of the Family, the "they" being undercover ops, Illuminati, threaded connections, do everything in their power to get close to Mike, agenda; If they are unable to control you they will defame and ruin someone's career, if that does not work eventually try to murder the individual.

Tupac, Whitney Houston many many more..... Illuminati create Sacrifices to their Leader "Lucifer".

Pop stars are created to Fool the Mass with their symbology, words and Videos, selling Sex to the Underage children, & teenagers. I will not go into all the Vile acts this society is or has been involved in, the information is Freely around on the internet, You tube and online news sites.

What we must do everyone is establish the Root to this within the Jackson Family, personally I remain the same, Randy, Jermaine & Joe Jackson. These men should be arrested & brought before a court of Law.

Now whom is this Woman in between, Whom was sent to Shadow Mike, keep him under control, and play mind games, also ensure he lost things precious in his Life.

I believe through us working together we will find out and bring this crime to the surface and the injustice will be served by a prison Sentence worst Case scenerio.

Now what is their Agenda?

A) Spread lies about Mike, keep him from Returning to the Public
B) Slander my name & Mike's (I now appreciate understand what he was Fighting)
C) harrass us Defame our name & character
D) also create fear between @lamj_snarl previously @asmichaelsaysit channel on Twitter.

Further Statements information;;st=15#entry528940745

Please read below this is a copy of an email from Twitter Regarding @divineliturgy @melonjuice77@boyhowdy68 @theupperfoot

Now after contacting the police they stated, Obtain all informations pass to the police and then inform the public, now next mission is Lets take this to US court system, seeing as Michael suffered enough over the years. Time please.

@divineliturgy aka confirmed he was Paid to Cyber Stalk @lamj_snarl, and myself, so I want to find out whom paid him. A family member of the Jackson's I would suggest.

See below copy of Email dialogues between myself & Twitter;

edwardmayfair, Feb 22 11:07 am (PST):

We’ve investigated and suspended the account you reported as it was found to be participating in abusive behavior.

This help page has instructions and additional information on making your profile protected:

Here is some additional information about dealing with bullying:

If these problems persist for you on Twitter, please let us know.


Twitter Trust & Safety

CaduceusDragon, Feb 18 11:37 pm (PST):
How can we help?: Receiving violent threats

Reported user: @divineliturgy

Offensive Tweet:
Text of Tweet: @CaduceusDragon is that what you are,a satanic super soldier?
Tweet time: Feb 18 2013 21:21:54 via web

Does the Tweet mention a specific time?: No
Does the Tweet mention a date?: No
Does the Tweet mention a place or location?: No
Does the Tweet mention you or a specific person?: Yes
Please provide the name of the person mentioned: @caduceusdragon

Offensive Tweet:
Text of Tweet: @Solarlove80 @CaduceusDragon sound like a candy bar it that boring in yer head clare.find an lawyer yet?
Tweet time: Feb 18 2013 15:37:57 via web

Does the Tweet mention a specific time?: No
Does the Tweet mention a date?: No
Does the Tweet mention a place or location?: No
Does the Tweet mention you or a specific person?: Yes
Please provide the name of the person mentioned: @caduceusdragon

Offensive Tweet:
Text of Tweet: crazy clare called police
Tweet time: Feb 17 2013 14:41:16 via web

Does the Tweet mention a specific time?: No
Does the Tweet mention a date?: No
Does the Tweet mention a place or location?: No
Does the Tweet mention you or a specific person?: Yes
Please provide the name of the person mentioned: @caduceusdragon

Blocked user(s): Yes
How long ago did this begin?: More than a month ago
How many times has this happened?: over 7 months i have reported to the police &amp; now the press

Further description of problem: Twitter has failed in its duty to do anything due to a complaint i made and a twitter sent i have reported to the UK police, cyber attacking clubs online and i have gone to the press and papers to expose this man and his wife for attacking people I would like this man removing off the internet and the police in Sheffield have stated they have asked Twitter before to assist with cyber attacking but they do not release infos if the police ask now where do we go Twitter this man is in the states he is doing this because he is he has also attacked other women in other countries see here
However twitter still has done nothing, i have had my children threatened, my business, my personal life, and now friends and people on twitter aware of this man

What is twitter actually going to do about it?

thank you rather upset distressed person that has had to report this to the media to make them aware Twitter in deed does nothing about Cyber attacks, id theft taking photos posing as a woman online and now got two ladies photos on his back page this will not look good for Twitter long term allowing this to continue after repeat requests for assistance from Twitter, the process is screeened in such a way the offender is allowed to continue

Now I would like to see the people associated with this brought to justice.

Together through our Unity & collective force we can bring these Crimes on Mike to Justice.

No more Rape and killing of innocent people on Earth.

P.S suggestion: All the people that thinking of entertaining themselves Attacking either @lamj_snarl or any of my friends online, or my family will be added to the charges for Cyber Attacking, we already hold the names and information Filed ready to use against you.

Stops Full stop!

Yours Faithfully Miss Clare Anne Probert


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