Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#BILDERBERG Alleged Penis Stroker Victory #SecretTrials


And extremely significantly (highly CENSOREDNEWSNOW in the UK/EU):
WE now have UK MP's putting in place the COVER-UP legislation, corruptly?  We think ALL of their BANK ACCOUNTS WORLDWIDE, need to be CHECKED RIGHT NOW.  We know the ROME PROSECUTOR is ONTO them, WHY NO UK POLICE INVESTIGATIONS??????

"Security cases could be heard in secret as MPs back new law

Kenneth Clarke has admitted that ministers have no idea how many court cases will be heard in secret as MPs passed laws to allow them.

By Tom Whitehead, Security Editor
11:28PM GMT 04 Mar 2013

The Cabinet minister responsible for the Justice and Security Bill told MPs it was impossible to know how many cases will be brought to protect national security until the power is in place.

The Bill was passed by MPs after the Government narrowly saw off a series of Labour amendments that could have restricted the use of so-called “closed material procedures” (CMPs).

David Cameron and other senior ministers were drafted in at the end of a four-hour debate to ensure the amendments were defeated.

Providing the entire Bill is passed formally later this week, it will mean that some civil cases involving national security issues could be heard in secret for the first time to protect sensitive information.

Ministers say the power is needed to allow the security and intelligence agencies to defend themselves against civil claims without airing details of national security in public.

Currently the Government settles out of court with opponents rather than risk such information being exposed and has already spent more than £30 million on such cases.

Under the new system of CMPs, if a judge grants it, parts of the evidence in a case will be heard behind closed doors and claimants would not be allowed to hear the secret evidence against them."


And so now, the PAEDO-RING infested British Establishment; cover-up after cover-up, now pushes through, JUST IN TIME FOR ANY POLITICIAN PAEDO's to claim NATIONAL SECURITY over their trials, ain't that right, ALLEGED COCK-STROKING Ken Clarke QC; UNDER INVESTIGATION IN ITALY (as head of Bilderberg in the UK; that CHARITY that never seems to do anything, well, charitable ... though it is financed by a nice 50,000 a year, hey GOLDMAN SACHS) by ROME's PROSECUTOR.

Just in time, hey, Ken.


Is someone going to ask KEN CLARKE QC MP about the FIFTEEN TRILLION FRAUD????

And where was the MANIFESTO pledge to bring in a SECRET SYSTEM OF LAWS into the UK?

Methinks, the LAW, was just brought into DISREPUTE, by no less, than a QC.

The White Rabbit!

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