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#ANONYMOUS Operation Rohingya #OpRohingya #MYANMAR

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#ANONYMOUS Operation Rohingya  #OpRohingya #MYANMAR

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    \   __   //   |   \\____ \|       _//  _ \|  |  \|  |/    \  / ___<   |  |\__  \
     |  ||  |/    |    \  |_> >    |   (  <_> )   Y  \  |   |  \/ /_/  >___  | / __ \_
    /_  ~~  _\_______  /   __/|____|_  /\____/|___|  /__|___|  /\___  // ____|(____  /
      |_||_|         \/|__|          \/            \/        \//_____/ \/          \/
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    \__    ___/_  _  _|__|/  |__/  |_  ___________/   _____//  |_  ___________  _____
      |    |  \ \/ \/ /  \   __\   __\/ __ \_  __ \_____  \\   __\/  _ \_  __ \/     \
      |    |   \     /|  ||  |  |  | \  ___/|  | \/        \|  | (  <_> )  | \/  Y Y  \
      |____|    \/\_/ |__||__|  |__|  \___  >__| /_______  /|__|  \____/|__|  |__|_|  /
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#OpRohingya Twitterstorm Package!
Raise Awareness in social media for the international panic required to save the Rohingya people.
Date & Time: Sunday, March 24, 2013
Copy + Paste these tweets. Do not retweet, the hashtag will not trend.
If you are writing your own tweets, make sure to include the #RohingyaNOW hashtag!
You do not need to post more than once every five minutes, especially to avoid suspension of your account.
Background & #OpRohingya Press Release:

Official #OpRohingya Video:
-------====== #RohingyaNow - Set 1 ======-------
Muslim kids from Meiktila. Last week they had a home. Now they begin a new life. Prisoners in a stadium. pic.twitter.com/nSDeX5Nf6I #RohingyaNOW
Myanmar, Shining New Hope for Global Oil Giants http://bit.ly/YwChXY Why the West stays silent. #RohingyaNOW
#RohingyaNOW trying  to escape GENOCIDE have been shot beaten tortured raped sold kidnaped  imprisoned starved & drowned by Burma & neighbours
Rohingya fleeing from ethnic cleansing are refused refugee status in many neighboring countries. #RohingyaNOW
#EthnicCleansing of Muslim Minorities in Burma is imminent and requires international panic to intervene. Raise Awareness NOW #RohingyaNOW
Western countries ignore the plight of these 800,000 people as they scramble to sign contracts with 'reformed' Myanmar. #OpRohingya
URGENT Already the violence in Burma has spread beyond the Rohingya to include all Muslims and all non-Buddhists. #RohingyaNOW
Premeditated attack on the #RohingyaNOW is currently ongoing. They have made hate speeches, distributed weapons and flyers to incite hatred.
The impunity of the Myanmar government ends today. The eyes of the world are now on you Burma. #RohingyaNOW
Ethnic Cleansing: More than 100,000 Muslim Rohingya were driven from their homes in 2012. Many were lost at sea. #RohingyaNOW
"Buddhist Nationalism in Burma. Institutionalized racism... led to GENOCIDE in Burma." http://www.tricycle.com/feature/buddhist-nationalism-burma #RohingyaNOW
It's called persecution and ethnic cleansing, not ethnic clashes. The #Rohingyas have no weapons. #RohingyaNOW
We do not see ethnic violence 'flare up' in Myanmar, we see ethnic violence nurtured and sheltered by those in power. #RohingyaNOW
Don't be fooled, the government is complicit in this. The army doesn't just look away, they rape, murder and abuse the #RohingyaNOW.
In all of the reports the police watched as the angry mob burned their way through the city. State sponsored ethnic cleansing. #RohingyaNOW
They try to call the massacres of #RohingyaNOW a conflict between people of Myanmar. It's not. The govt stoked the fire. Armed the people.
Death toll beyond 100 forget 10 & there r no "clashes" @PressTV ‘Myanmar clashes death toll rises to 10’ http://bit.ly/WNjJ5e #RohingyaNOW
Footage of the #RohinyaNOW devastation. Burning & burned down houses & mosques this wk: MEIKTILA VIOLENCE MARCH 2013 http://bit.ly/Zep6KQ
Muslims in Burma from Meiktila transported to the latest 'camp'. Organised GENOCIDE pic.twitter.com/axt1MaNmU7 #RohyingyaNOW
When your city goes up in flames.... This is not sectarian violence, but religious persecution. pic.twitter.com/u6hehAnveX #RohingyaNOW
-----======  #RohingyaNOW - Set 2 ======-------
#RohingyaNOW: I have been in complete shock ever since i learned about #OpRohingya & how NO mainstream media outlet is covering it. #Disgrace
Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced out of their homes to face rape, torture, prison and death. #RohingyaNOW
This is a planned attack. Same as last year and and world ignores because it is economically inconvenient to bother with it. #RohingyaNOW
The #RohingyaNOW are Described by the @UN as being amongst the most persecuted people in the world Burma Myanmar http://priceofoil.org/2013/03/18/is-oil-one-reason-for-burmese-genocide/
In '11 @foreignoffice pledged to continue to support positive changes in Myanmar https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/35439/hrd-report-2011.pdf Was Will Hague asleep? #RohingyaNOW
NaSaKa, the Myanmar police that is accomplice 2 genocide "has repression down to a fine art" acording to http://cablegatesearch.net/cable.php?id=07RANGOON181&q=rohingya #RohingyaNOW
Another @wikileaks cable: "Burma's military machine is top-down, xenophobic.. and crave respect" http://cablegatesearch.net/cable.php?id=09RANGOON205&q=rohingya #RohingyaNOW
The Myanmar military uses agent system, compromised of Buddhist Rakhines to monitor/extort the Rohingya http://cablegatesearch.net/cable.php?id=07RANGOON181&q=rohingya #RohingyaNOW
Western countries ignore the plight of these 800,000 people as they scramble to sign contracts with 'reformed' Myanmar. #RohingyaNOW
There are 20,500 refugees in different locations in #Meiktila, where four days ago, 160 died, 13 mosques & 3 schools burnt down. http://m-mediagroup.com/en/archives/7608
Entire Ywar Tan village in Yamethin was burnt down to ash by Buddhists. 1,000 people marched to 2 other villages. Myanmar. #RohingyaNOW
Tortured, burned bodies lie in town of Meikhtila http://yfrog.com/kj9nmprj  http://yfrog.com/hscwaiyoj  pic.twitter.com/nbM0DZtWM0 #RohingyaNOW
Want to risk another Rwanda? The plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar is widely ignored by MSM. Don't let it be too late, again. #RohingyaNOW
Maybe if al Qaida showed up the West would notice?  #RohingyaNOW
What's going on in #Myanmar isn't ethnic clashes; it's straight up ethnic CLEANSING. #RohingyaNOW
More than 1200 families - at least 6000 - were forced to leave their homes this week. #RohingyaNOW
Dear @nytimes When will the "religious rioting" occuring in Myanmar be called what it is? GENOCIDE nytimes.com/2013/03/24/world/asia/after-violence-in-myanmar-a-city-counts-the-dead.html #RohingyaNOW
Dear @UN & @StateDept, Silence is a War Crime. #RohingyaNOW
A simple request from Muslim leaders in Burma: please protect us, our homes...  http://yfrog.com/kfau7pkj  pic.twitter.com/20Ok2EDKGy #RohingyaNOW
Exiled To Nowhere. Story of the #Rohingya people of Burma told in photos:  http://www.nowherepeople.org/index.php#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=0&a=0&at=0 #RohingyaNOW
-----======  #RohingyaNow - Set 3 - Picture Tweets  ======-------
Picture Tweets: The following photos are from #Meikhtila where the attacks started. Some are very graphic. We need to stop this before it spreads more
Muslims burned on side of the road by mob of Buddhists & monks while the police did nothing #Meikhtila pic.twitter.com/ry3uJj37XE #RohingyaNOW
#Meikhtila Muslim family after fleeing for their lives, all they could do is look on as their city burns pic.twitter.com/QC4oylVBss #RohingyaNOW
Muslims escorted out of #Meikhtila w/ their hands above their heads. Victims treated like criminals pic.twitter.com/E5M7R9SJ9g #RohingyaNOW
A mob was allowed to destroy loot burn & kill their way through #Meikhtila. & the police did nothing. pic.twitter.com/HA9MGRiAHj #RohingyaNOW
GRAPHIC In #genocide they don't just kill. they make victims suffer to the max! #Burma #Muslims pic.twitter.com/ceIqbt0FuU #RohingyaNOW
The police let the#969 neo-Nazi burn all the Muslim houses. #Meikhtila  pic.twitter.com/WOzgr4ZOjc #RohingyaNOW
Silence is betrayal. Men, women, and children are screaming for help. No nations will take them. pic.twitter.com/RFZLUaJW3W #RohingyaNOW
A Buddhist monk brings food to those locked away in the stadium. This here, is #Buddhism & #Islam. pic.twitter.com/CaSylIpDXS #RohingyaNOW
She might've lost home or business & have nothing more than she could carry but they r lucky to be alive pic.twitter.com/UFx66fGtrW #RohingyaNOW
Police & army arrive in numbers in #Meikhtila. Too late for the 1000s displaced & 100s of dead Muslims.  pic.twitter.com/cN0Bd1ex9Y #RohingyaNOW
While these kids r lucky to not have been beaten&burned on their way from school, their fear is evident. pic.twitter.com/09lsvAYadx #RohingyaNOW
After all those years living in #Meikhtila this old lady is probably left wondering why this happened. pic.twitter.com/De695Yp8CD #RohingyaNOW
They didn't stop the massacre, but refreshing to see rare kindness from #Myanmar police towards Muslims. pic.twitter.com/JiZN0gxSq0 #RohingyaNOW
Is their makeshift camp in the stadium a permanent fixture? "Locked away for their safety." pic.twitter.com/KuwgX2tHML #RohingyaNOW
Letters from Arakan State. 120,000 #Rohingyas still in refugee camps after last year's massacre.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiQ3OvhB10w&list=PL7f_rHUnK_tiXjsLfKzq9FTGnXuyu45e #RohingyaNOW
Please watch and share: Rohingya SOS: http://youtu.be/S54q7RdBmEg  #RohingyaNOW The world's most persecuted people.
[GRAPHIC] These poor babies burned & beaten to death by Buddhists mob & their leaders the #969 monks. pic.twitter.com/dksJ1gTsYf #RohingyaNOW
This all happened under the watchful eyes of the police. Where is law & order? Not in #Meikhtila pic.twitter.com/KZsusSvWPc #RohingyaNOW
Tied up & then beat to death any Muslims they could find. #Meikhtila pic.twitter.com/R41risf8fv #RohingyaNOW
They left dozens of burned bodies in their wake. #Meikhtila pic.twitter.com/qyhHCd5YzA #RohingyaNOW
These are the #969 monks responsible for the hate campaign, the destruction and deaths of 100's in #Meikhtila alone. pic.twitter.com/KUE5vD1gc7
The monks inciting hatred and fueling the mobs. #Meikhtila Massacre http://yfrog.com/ockdsuij  #RohingyaNOW
Inciting hatred and fueling the mobs, the monks of #969 raged on. #Meikhtila #Massacre http://yfrog.com/esi8dyuj #RohingyaNOW
The #969 monks colluding with police and army forces during the #Meikhtila #Massacre pic.twitter.com/9yYUO2eFST #RohingyaNOW
PS. Message to Burma: We know. We are Legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us. #OpRohingya

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