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*ALERT* Targeted Individuals Europe #EuropeanCouncil #TI

Brussels TI Meeting & Demonstration in front of the European Council


On 13th & 14th March 2013, there is a TI meeting including a demonstration in Brussels. The activism gathering was initiated by Umit Aydin and Horst Kümmer, two German-speaking victims, from Switzerland. If you want to be part of the gathering followed by a demonstration on the 14th, join us at on the 13th at 7.30 pm at:

Café Carpe Diem
Avenue de Tervueren 13
B – 1040 Brussels
Téléphone :+ 32 2 735 05 49
Metrostop : Merode"


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**ALERT** RETROSPECTIVELY LEGAL (5,000 DETAINED)http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/10/alert-emergency-laws-passed-5000.html

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"About Us & Our Mission
The Assumption

Targeted Individuals have symptoms that are listed under TI “symptoms”. Symptomatic TIs have found ICT-implants or emit radio frequencies from certain parts of the body. All TIs, even though they have not met before have similar stories, regardless of where they live and who they are, their gender, ethnicity, educational level and other socio-economical factors. We must conclude that we deal with a new kind of technology that exists and is at work, but that is not spoken about. The use of this technology raises many ethical questions that can no longer be ignored.
Our Focus
Because of the evidence, we need to address questions regarding 
New Emerging Technologies and to find solutions to protect the targeted individuals and the public from the non-consensual sides of these technologies. With new emerging technologies we mean technologies like man-machine-interfaces, advances in nano-technology and it’s threats and all kinds of weapon systems that aim to change or control people through attacks on their minds, personality, behavior and bodies.
Who we are
United Targeted Individuals Europe is a group of civilians that are harassed, tortured and gang stalked 24/7 year after year. Our lives have been taken away from us. Some of us are still young but we live isolated or/and in terrible psychological and physical pain, without any chance to choose our life style or having equal opportunity like everybody else. We believe that we are victims of experimentation without consent because the perpetrators spend unlimited resources on tracking us down and keep us under surveillance day after day, night after night. Even if the cover ups is either crime prevention or some kind of disease, we are neither criminal or suffer from a natural disease. The natural conclusion is that the perpetrators have something to gain by doing this to us. We are victims of experimentation done on humans without consent.
Two areas of research are Artificial Intelligence and Non-Lethal Weapons.
International organization for victims of domestic terrorism
ICAACT.org is an organization that is trying to unite TIs all over the world, and give TIs another label: victims of domestic terrorism. ICAACT was founded by Lars Drudgaard, Peter Rosenholm and Jesse Beltran. Their mission is to gather evidence that this is happening to us. Right now (2012), these three brave individuals are scanning TIs for radio frequencies and many self-proclaimed victims do emit radio frequencies from the spinal cord, heart, certain brain areas and other parts of the body. The reason is that implants have small antennas that communicate with computers and satellites with the help of radio waves. The implants can be injected into the bloodstream and sent to different destinations in the body, but they can also be injected into the spinal cord and the nervous system is then affected. Tracking chips like the Verichip has also been discovered. Some TIs have developed cancer around the implants.
We collaborate with ICAACT and have contact with it’s leaders at least twice a week.
Extreme dehumanization
It is important to know that the new emerging technologies are not just about control of a human being, (as in social control) and it has nothing to do with any kind of behavior change for the sake of adjusting individuals to a certain norm (as the norms of society – behavioral correction) but it is a way to take away the humanity from the human. This is an extreme form of dehumanization by turning a human being into a cyborg that can be controlled with a few computer commands. It is also a power-relationship creating a master-slave scenario. It is a complete negation of freedom and of the basic human rights that we all believe that we have.
The biggest danger
The danger with this technology lies in the fact that everyone can be easily implanted through vaccination without ever knowing. Some people emit radio-waves but do not show any other types of symptoms. It can be used for torture but also for spying and mind control of the masses. It is also important to know that this is done through computer systems that each day become more powerful and able to maybe gain control over whole populations.
Bioethics, is indeed discussed but what is avoided in these discussions is the fact that the technology is here and it has been here since the 1930s. It is advanced that can control and manipulate brain functions, it can upload and download the mind, it can create a copy of the individual in a super computer. Neuro scientists do not yet understand consciousness and that’s probably the only reason that we are making these pages and can still spread the message. In 20 years or so, scientists predict that the human mind will be fully decoded, and that we will enter an age where computers will be more intelligent then humans… Right now we can still because of the complexity of our minds override the computer.
Many of us won’t be here any longer… But our children will… In the wrong hand this technology can create a true Matrix world, a totalitarian society for the mind. And because we are tortured with such an ease, and our rights are taken away without much hesitation, it can give you an idea of how these individuals think and what value they give people: none.
What are the attainable goals with this organization and attempt to Unite TIs in Europe?
- Get to know each other, support each other and share stories and knowledge.
- Understand the tech, the reasons and it’s implications for the individual and the society.
- Gather evidence that helps us to prove that these types of extreme human rights abuses do occur today.
- Spread the word about the horrors of this technology.
- Help demystify the TI-experience.
- Organize campaigns.
- Address questions about new and emerging technologies forced upon unwitting citizens, non-lethal weapons, human experimentation and secret implantation.
- Discuss and inform about the ethics of scientific research – past and present. Discuss the ethics of today and what is happening today, and not whether future robots should or shouldn’t have rights.
- Find people that have the knowledge and expertise that want to help us prove that the technology is here and already affecting people all over the world.
- Encourage Whistle blowers to send in documents that prove what is done to us to newspapers and eventually to wikileaks.
Human rights are not negotiable.
Forbid torture and experimentation on humans without their knowledge or consent at the international and national level in the whole world on all people."


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