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we have been telling you MOVE FAKE FIAT RIGHT NOW, from INSIDE the EU, to GOLD SILVER PATINUM or PALLADIUM **OUTSIDE** of the EUROPEAN UNION Communist Block; to JERSEY; put your trust in GOLDMONEY.COM

"Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Banks To Impose "Capital Controls" within Weeks

Subject: All Banks To Impose "Capital Controls" within Weeks.
Things are happening as predicted. A whole lot of talk coming out of Europe that the Cyprus issue is under control and yet ALL CYPRUS BANKS ARE STILL CLOSED!

Cyprus making "Superhuman" Effort to Reopen Banks by Thursday

I'm sorry but the "cat is out of the bag" when it comes to FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING and it will NEVER crawl back in the bag. Yes, the Cyprus banks will open but depositors will not be able to take all their money out...EVER!

The name of the game will be Capital Controls...meaning that depositors will only be allowed to take out little bits of their money for as long as the system is under stress.

Which will be FOREVER!

The same will happen in Greece, Spain and Italy in the coming weeks with the same disastrous consequences. This will topple the $100 Trillion European Derivative Complex...


The US media and market riggers are doing all they can to DUMB DOWN the Sheeple but they are starting to look more and more disingenuous. How many times can they say "everything is fine here" and have people believe them?

Stay alert and stay OUT of the system. It won't be long now.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir"

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North Korea and the United States: Will the Real Aggressor Please Stand Down?

by MFlowers

Thursday, 28 February 2013

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

Truthout | Op-Ed

US political leaders and media pundits trumpet North Korea’s recent testing of missiles and nuclear weapons as a great threat. But the US mass media do not tell the whole story. Without the context of history and current events, the actions of North Korea look insane, but when put in context we find that the United States is pushing North Korea on this path. North Korea is really not a significant threat compared to what the United States is doing with nuclear weapons, the Asia Pivot and war games off the Korean coast. In this article, we seek greater understanding by putting ourselves in the place of North Korea.

Historical Context: Korea, a Pawn for Big Power, Brutalized by the United States

The history between Korea and the United States goes back to the late 1800s when the US had completed its manifest destiny across North America and was beginning to build a global empire. In 1871, more than 700 US marines and sailors landed on Kanghwa beach in west Korea, seeking to begin US colonization (a smaller US invasion occurred in 1866). They destroyed five forts, inflicting as many as 650 Korean casualties. The US withdrew, realizing it would need a much larger force to succeed, but this was the largest military force to land outside the Americas until the 1898 war in the Philippines. S. Brian Willson reports that this invasion is still discussed in North Korea, but it has been erased from the history in South Korea as well as in the United States

US Navy with Korean Headquarters Flag 1871

Korea succumbed to Japanese rule beginning in 1905, often serving as a pawn between Japanese conflicts with China and Russia. This was a brutal occupatio A major revolt for Korean democracy occurred on March 1, 1919, when a declaration of independence was read in Seoul. Two million Koreans participated in 1,500 protests. The Koreans also appealed to major powers meeting in Versailles after World War I, but were ignored as Japan was given control over the East. The Japanese viciously put down the democracy movement. Iggy Kim, in Green Left, reports they “beheaded children, crucified Christians and carried out scores of other atrocities. More than 7,500 people were killed and 16,000 were injured.”


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