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Roseanne Barr ‏@TheRealRoseanne6 Mar 
nothing more important for women to do: bring down PEDO RULE. everything else is just privileged class yapping. 


A comment to post sourced as indicated)

It should be obvious to even the most innocent of observers that there is a war being waged here, an information war. The people we’re dealing with here are merciless, conscienceless, destructive scum. This is not a mere game, nor an online hobby, nor a form of titillating ‘alternative’ gossipy entertainment. It is not for the faint-hearted or the naive; it is a deadly serious assault on powerful, wealthy figures whose reputations, lives, families, careers and freedom are literally put at risk by people like Madlands, Murun and gojam. They will go to any lengths, stoop to any depths, to protect themselves. Sadly, the internet being what it is affords great freedom of speech through anonymity and audience reach, but also gives a wider scope to those who wish to suppress it, manipulate and discredit information presented and those who present it. This sort of activity has long been the preserve of the security services and their deniable, out-sourced private agencies (anyone interested in getting an historical idea of the sort of thing these ‘security’ agencies are capable of should read the book ‘The Cointelpro Papers’ by Churchill and Vander Wall).

The demise of Madlands should be a warning to all bloggers investigating elite paedophile rings, a warning to be on your guard for personal attacks, threats, disruption through sophisicated trolling, techniques such as ‘snowing’ and ‘intoxication’, to be aware that all of your communications can and will be monitored by outside agencies- and to give no quarter in dealing with bullshit on comment boards, not pandering to manufactured ‘internal’ controversies, and steeling yourself (and those you care for) against all and any attacks.

This is the world we live in, this is what we’re up against-
“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”
‘Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you’
‘Nothing is true until a government official denies it.'"

Source per below.
After a brief but serious panic this morning amongst the #PAEDOBRITAIN contingent to the global Operation Cleansweep Team (we adopted them the moment they got finally organised in the UK on this!!  HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!) ...   We thought we'd better publish a page so our regulars are not left wondering about anything.

First up; I am perfectly OK. Indeeed, things haven't been going so well for rather a long time, as the NAZIS I've been battling (on the line) during the entire time of publishing this blog, but RELENTLESSLY since 9th September 2012 (to stop me puiblishign the videos which are now again DOWNED on (we'll try get it back online but cannot use blogger (who downed it), and no one has donated a bean ... And so, the truth remains offline, for I'm all out of beans, indeed, have been starved off the net .... Here's the PROOF of just a tiny part of that, DOXED for goldmoney tech team just last week:


It seems someone, somewhere, got a bullet, for the following site I have been estopped for trafficking now for OVER SIX MONTHS (possibly much, much longer, I don't wish to over-state_, and as of just a few days ago, I can now access ALL of them, no problems whatsoever.  Do note the collection of FINANCIAL sites included; you cannot monitize a blog without access to payment providers, and of course, they've been HIGHLY UNSUCCESSFUL at making me quit.

Here is a short list (just right out of my head) of sites I would be willing to state, on oath (i.e. at the risk of going to JAIL for perjury if i was lying), I have been until just last week, in my view ILLEGALLY STOPPED from accessing, without using
  1. - one of our only two provider of a donation facility;
  2. - the second provider of a donation facility (Bitcoin only)
  3.  - able to access, but they never gave the recapcha (i.e. couldn't log in!).
  4. Fundrazr - site we were trying to access to formally raise funds to launch mor sites);
  5. - domain registrar - we almost lost the domain (1+6=lost)
  6. Zero - leading finance site also run by a liberarian who gets it
Dare you read mor?

I stress, just off the top of my head.  In addition, my man in the middle, was picked up by Barclays Bank servers, WHEN LOGGED IN (i.e. over an SSL connection); never to mention the MAIN FACT THIS BLOG LOOKS LIKE A PILE OF SHIT in places, is because of all of this FUN FUN FUN for the CRIMINAL COCKSUCKERS illegally useing ECONOMIC WARFARE against me personally (see above ... believe me, it's NO LAUGHING MATTER, not especially when you look crazy to people that don't understand this is as REAL REALITY as it gets; FRONTLINE WOR!).


Note - Operation Cleansweep's joint TOP DUTCH PAEDORING TAKE-DOWN START is SUSPENDED (again 3rd time is as many weeks at a guess) (try following @jacquelineWxxx) and being STALKED by CRIMINALS, like the CRIMINALS that have STALKED and used ECONOMIC WARFARE against, too. Self employed or small business owners can be EASILY and SUCCESSFULLY TAKEN DOWN by these measures and it's TIME you DUMBO woke the FUCK UP! It's time you, dear reader, stopped wanting someone else to solve the problems of your CHILDREN BEING RAPED, and you BANK ACCOUNTS TOO (though most of you DUMBOS's still just DON'T FUCKING GET IT DO YOU: THE MAFIA IS IN CONTROL OF **YOU**. Sit, think about it some more IF YOU WANT TO DIE IN THE DIRT. If you don't; please: DONATE NOW. I've taken a HUGE risk in writing this stuff down (only 5-10 people so far on planet earth have been given anything near a real estimation of JUST HOW HUGE A PROBLEM this has been. If you want this publication to TAKE DOWN THE BAD GUYS, our QUANTUM FLUX NEWS SERVICES needs YOU to GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER NOW, and understand it CAN only WORK with YOUR PARTICIAPTION, that's the WHOLE FREAKING POINT, DUMBO! So GET ACTIVE NOW! Donate just 5 DOLLARS if you're broke and SKIP A MEAL .... Do you have ANY IDEA how many I have skipped in the past 16 months to keep this blog going, especially when the ECONOMIC WARFARE went RIGHT AFTER my supports, and TOOK THEM ALL DOWN using ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEANS (mainly as they were on Windows Machines, of course, rather too easily, but I digress, and I should not; for this is TOO IMPORTANT for you NOT to understand RIGHT NOW! You have that 5 Dollars, and you CAN afford to LOSE IT right now, before you LOSE EVERYTHING. I can help YOU **all** if YOU **ALL** continue to support this blog, but we have simple HUGE HUGE HUGE PLANS, and need to get from dormant company to trading and TONIGHT! Do it, PLEASE! Do it foryouself, do it for YOUR FAMILY, and do it for the KIDS WORLDWIDE who DON'T NEED YOU acting a TWAT any more! GROW UP! Donate NOW, let's GET THIS NEW PLANET UP AND RUNNING. If a tiny bit of cash tonight, you have no idea what I might just be able to get done this week ahead, but I need it NOW (and for legal reasons I cannot even say why ... but I promise you if I get enough in, TODAY, BIG NEW THINGS, starting from next week, even if only in the background, privately conveyed, initially). We need a NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM up and running and we NEED that NOW. Think about it, don't you think The White Rabbit! ... Being smart enuf to have registered and got perhaps our earliest quoote in from peeps like this:


"This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I've joined your rss feedand look forward to seeking more of your wonderful post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!
Might just be able to get organised a few Mor Mor Mor sites like:


As but two examples of THE FUTURE AWAITING THE BRAVE!  Donate

Fuck the lawyers ... #Lulz ... There, I said it: this is what is at stake through being a VICTIM of this SILENT GENOCIDE against ACTIVISTS TELLING YOU THE TRUTH. And to have worked out most of that, believe me, it takes significant skills and qualifications, and EXPERIENCE of some of these subjects, and none of that comes CHEAP, a simply HUGE HUGE HUGE investment, I've been GIVING YOU for NOTHING so far. That's the TRUTH of it. So. Do you wanna rock or no?

 Become Human!  Donate

Don't you like our new site ideas?


Nothing Left to Lose But the NAZIS!

Freeman Kai having been DOWNED, by Vimeo SCUMBAGGERY ... it's over to @SustainablDylan hiding out from the NAZI REGIME, in Costa Rica!

House of Lords Speeches and CENSORED Hansard Extract SWIFT WIRES PROOF

 Become Human!  Donate  

Dare you donate NOW?   Dare you really?

Or are you going to wait until the knock at YOUR door by the NAZIS, and BURN in the CAMPS later?  Or do what Bill Maloney and The White Rabbit! ... What WE DO; TAKE DOWN PAEDO!
A message to Jimmy Savile's accomplices from Bill Maloney.

It's TIME, let's the HUMAN ROLL! :~)

Hacking The Rabbit (Tryin ;))

- See more at:


March 31, 2013 at 3:51 pm

Phew, what a tremendous comment! I should have included you on my list of knowing ones, incubusblog, I knew I’d leave someone out if I started naming names! I’m just so grateful to all of you and yes, when you read what those who indulge in this type of behaviour have been capable of in the past… But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it was easy for they who wanted this to go away to make that happen in the decades gone by, but not now in the Age of Twitter and social media. All we have to do is stand together and keep going. I think #paedobritain day proved that, despite the “interference”, it was a great success and informed many. Lets think back on that for resolve to our cause.

The Pet Goat will continue to do what The Pet Goat do:  STARE!

Hero Humans Look no further:   YOUR TIME IS HERE!

By donating a tiny sum to SOCIAL ANIMAL LTD!


Yes yse!  Become HUMAN again! :~)

It CAN be DONE, and it MUST BE DONE!

We did tell you on our THIRD EVER DAY! (post FIVE Dumbo!)

There's WORK TO BE DONE!  Send yours SLAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Humanity Arising #Ascension2013 #TRUTH

new, sleeeker model ;)



Roseanne Barr ‏@TheRealRoseanne6 Mar 
The White Rabbit!

Humanity Arising #Ascension2013 #TRUTH

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