Friday, 15 March 2013

#911TRUTH Pentagon Flight Recorder Fraud **EXPOSED**

For those DUMBOS that STILL don't get 911 was an INSIDE JOB ...

"Flight data recorder expert Dennis Cimino, commercial pilot with more than 2000 hours, reveals government's claims about a flight data recorder found at the Pentagon from Flight 77 are totally fraudulent, with zeros instead of the plane's identification number and flight number! The recorder did not come from an airliner but was apparently created at a workbench and was also missing data that an actual flight would have, such as mandatory barometric adjustments and even any record of the cockpit door opening. The talk was given June 17, 2012 at the Vancouver 911 Hearing.

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911 Pentagon Flight Recorder Fraud Revealed

The video was made by pointing a camcorder at the crude live stream image on a monitor, so it is of low quality, but the audio is mostly high quality and it is the only video online at this time of Dennis revealing this important new evidence that the official 911 story is a big lie. The other video available online of Dennis talking on this subject is by Jim Fetzer made April 2011 but it is only an audio recording. Hopefully Fetzer will manage to put online his Vancouver hearing soon and it may well be of better quality."

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