Monday, 11 March 2013

#911TRUTH CIA Killed 911 Author & Kids #BLACKOPS

Philip Marshall was killed in a black operation over confessing to having worked with CIA drug smugglers and the potential exposure of 9/11 secrets. In the background to this, former US National Security Agency Officer Wayne Madsen says the 9/11 investigative author Philip Marshall and his children were killed in a "black ops hit" by the CIA, dismissing the suicide hypothesis. Marshall was afraid of being silenced for his revelations about 9/11, Madsen said, noting that a side door the investigator never used was wide open when his dead body was found. Marshall believed the former US President George Bush had pulled off the 9/11 attack to foment a government coup. In his fourth book, he was supposed to disclose blockbuster information.

Published on Mar 4, 2013

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American author and political expert in Madison, Wisconsin, to further discuss the issue. Barrett is joined by Lee Kaplan, investigative journalist from Berkley.

Published on Mar 5, 2013 An analyst says Phillip Marshall was killed to suppress surprising information he was about to release in a new book that would embarrass the official 9/11 storyline. In the background of this suspicious murder suicide of former CIA pilot and author Philip Marshall after he allegedly killed his two teenage children and family dog, US media have quickly dropped the story altogether just as serious questions arise over facts that counter the official storyline and the discovery that critical evidence has gone missing. Marshall wrote three books critical of the 9/11 attacks claiming that the Bush administration had orchestrated the terrorist attack and was preparing a fourth that promised to reveal new information. This follows another suspicious 'suicide' in recent times of internet activist Aaron Schwartz who was an outspoken critic of US President Obama's policies. Press TV has interviewed Wayne Madsen, investigative journalist, Tampa Florida about this issue.

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