Thursday, 28 February 2013

#WW3 Satellite Wars #EUTELSAT #PressTV #IRAN

As we've covered before, Press TV, the ONLY MSM network to have given the 15 TRILLION FRAUD any coverage, is being CRASHED out of the ether; BANNED on Satellite in European SLAVE STATES of the EUROPEAN UNION, and now BANNED on SATELLITE across the WHOLE of NORTH AMERICA:




If you value FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, FREEDOM of RELIGION, and FREEDOM of ASSOCIATION, what are you going to do to keep the INFORMATION FLOWING, as you can see from the above, @censorednewsnow website (covering much of this DOWNED by GOOGLE; @censorednewsnow Twitter account DOWNED by Twitter (suspended, for reasons unknown) ... World War Three is ALL AROUND YOU, if you are LOOKING, and NOT DENYING REALITY.  Are you?  Do you?

"An analyst says the orchestrated attack to silence the Iranian point of view is a big-brother punishment to all who understand the necessity for diverse viewpoints. In the background of this Israeli-owned satellite network Eutelsat continues its media attack against Iran and has ordered Iran's Arabic channel al-Alam off air as it continues it's anti-free speech attack to silence points of view coming out of Iran in its efforts to only have people of the world access a one-side-of-the-story point of view. The attack must be sanctioned by the EU and Western governments that preach free speech and human rights, but act out in an opposite manner.

Published on Feb 28, 2013

Press TV has interviewed Danny Schechter, political analyst and Editor of in South Africa about this issue."

And for covering this issue?

You're very, very late:

 and look what's now happened

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