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We have been telling you, and telling you; the Catholic Church is a PAEDOPHILE CULT.  We're not talking about your average CATHOLIC, of course, we're talking about the PRIESTS, and especially at the TOP END of the CATHOLIC CHURCH.  Most of you didn't believe us, when we starting publishing about this fact, and also, stated the VATICAN BANK's **central** role in MONEY LAUNDERING of the INTERNATIONAL DRUGS TRADE, and indeed, even, we suspect, INTERNATIONAL CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING money laundering.  Here's our first page on some of these subjects, and our second, too; do note the dates (and specifically that we named the Vatican as a MONEY LAUNDERING CENTER,  MONTHS before The White House).

5th February 2012
10th March 2012

We did get some recognition, from as far away as literally the ends of the earth from us, all the way in from New Zealand, upon the Pope's 'Shock resignation: 

Facts are facts, and for those of you so far unable to lose your MIND CONTROL on this issue, if you cannot now, fact is, you're so brainwashed, you're not human, preferring to cling, desperately to your DELUSION, that this is not the truth.  And that DELUSION, may ensure, you personal responsibility for the CONTINUING RAPE (and killing) of CHILDREN, WORLDWIDE.

If you won't accept the Pope is a WORLD CLASS CRIMINAL, and CONSPIRATOR to COVER-UP CHILD RAPE (and much more, as we repeat, we suspect, of this Pope), RIGHT NOW, you're a lost cause to the HUMAN race.  It's just that simple.

"Pope 'obstructed' sex abuse inquiry

Confidential letter reveals Ratzinger ordered bishops to keep allegations secret

Jamie Doward, religious affairs correspondent
The Observer, Sunday 24 April 2005 09.58 BST
Pope Benedict XVI faced claims last night he had 'obstructed justice' after it emerged he issued an order ensuring the church's investigations into child sex abuse claims be carried out in secret.

The order was made in a confidential letter, obtained by The Observer, which was sent to every Catholic bishop in May 2001.

It asserted the church's right to hold its inquiries behind closed doors and keep the evidence confidential for up to 10 years after the victims reached adulthood. The letter was signed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was elected as John Paul II's successor last week.

Lawyers acting for abuse victims claim it was designed to prevent the allegations from becoming public knowledge or being investigated by the police. They accuse Ratzinger of committing a 'clear obstruction of justice'.

The letter, 'concerning very grave sins', was sent from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican office that once presided over the Inquisition and was overseen by Ratzinger.

It spells out to bishops the church's position on a number of matters ranging from celebrating the eucharist with a non-Catholic to sexual abuse by a cleric 'with a minor below the age of 18 years'. Ratzinger's letter states that the church can claim jurisdiction in cases where abuse has been 'perpetrated with a minor by a cleric'.

The letter states that the church's jurisdiction 'begins to run from the day when the minor has completed the 18th year of age' and lasts for 10 years.

It orders that 'preliminary investigations' into any claims of abuse should be sent to Ratzinger's office, which has the option of referring them back to private tribunals in which the 'functions of judge, promoter of justice, notary and legal representative can validly be performed for these cases only by priests'

'Cases of this kind are subject to the pontifical secret,' Ratzinger's letter concludes. Breaching the pontifical secret at any time while the 10-year jurisdiction order is operating carries penalties, including the threat of excommunication."


And so the facts being the facts, it's time the world decided:  are we going to allow a PAEDOPHILE CULT to run ANYTHING, or not?

We have already called for the SURROUNDING of VATICAN CITY; for ITALIANS to stop supplying ALL goods and services to this CRIMINAL organisation.  And to STARVE OUT THE POPE from the VATICAN.  We have also clearly stated, that if the Italian Prime Minister, give the Pope ANY sort of free pass to enter Italy, free from arrest, this would make the ITALIAN PRIME MINISTER, GUILTY of CONSPIRING TO PERVERT (what an apt word in this context hey!) the course of PUBLIC JUSTICE.  If he takes that step, the Italian PM, needs to be EXTRADITED HIMSELF, to face those charges, in a court, outside of the PAEDOPHILE CULT CONTROLLED ITALIAN STATE.  Obviously, for those up to speed, this ain't going to be to the Netherlands (Joris Demmink), nor to BELGIUM, also run by PAEDOPHILES, in power.

Nevertheless, NOT ONE SINGLE HUMAN, no matter how pretty the frock, should be allowed to ESCAPE JUSTICE, IN THIS LIFE.

Will the Italians allow their country to sink into the SEWER of CONTROL by PAEDOPHILES, as is now the case in The Netherlands, or will they do the right thing.

Now then, now then, that of course, is a matter for the Italians; I mean, maybe the want the reputation internationally of being a HAVEN FOR CHILD RAPISTS, MONEY LAUNDERERS, etc, as they already have the title of MAFIA STATE, I suppose, it may be likely the way things pan out; far, far, far to many of them, NOT ORGANISING AGAINST ORGANISED CRIME.  To scared to stand up to the MAFIA, they be OWNED by the MAFIA, bled dry, at every opportunity.

And so, we shall see.  Will the Italian PM, prove himself unworthy of that title, and protect a CHILD RAPIST COVER-UP ARTIST, someone not responsible, let us remind you, for covering up the rape of ONE child, but RESPONSIBLE FOR COVERING UP CHILD ABUSE for the POPULATION OF ALMOST ONE BILLION PEOPLE< one seventh of the ENTIRE HUMAN POPULATION ON PLANET EARTH.

We shall see.  It won't be long.

We suggest Italians put the matter beyond dispute; STARVE THE BASTARD OUT.

Cut the municipal water supply (surely there's a LAW in Italy against CONSPIRING TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE TO CRIMINALS?), stop supplying food, likewise.

Failing lawful methods, would it be moral and right for illegal methods to be used to bring such a HEINOUS CRIMINAL to Justice, well now then, now then; CLEARLY AMERICAN STATE POLICY SAYS FOR THE RIGHT CLASS OF CRIMINAL, RENDITION IS RIGHT.

We'll leave that thought with you.

Note, we just checked, over 130 posts on site, mentioning (likely directly about) this CRIMINAL LIKE NO OTHER, hiding the WORST CRIMES IMAGINABLE, in a CRIMINAL GLOBAL CONSPIRACY to ensure NO JUSTICE for CHILDREN, and MOR MOR MOR RAPE for the PRIESTS, ACTING WITH VATICAN APPROVAL, as you can now, clearly see.

Then onto BELGIUM for the CLEAN UP of the SCUM.

And no Joris CHILD RAPIST Demmink, we've certainly not forgotten about you.


And not to forget OPERATION BLACKHEATH; about the FIFTEEN TRILLION FRAUD by the NAZI Department of Homeland Security; the Secret Socieities TAKEOVER of AMERICA and the FREE WORLD, vehicle.


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