Sunday, 17 February 2013

#VATICAN Paedoring Catholic Cult *TAKEDOWN** #POPE

U know me, promised we'd reidz interwebz to save HUMANity ...

Even The White Rabbit! ... Even WE ... Take grisly pleasure in recognition for leading the PAPAL TAKEDOWN to end SINGLE BIGGEST HUMAN MIND CONTROL CULT ON PLANET EARTH, which rather obviously is SATANIC in it's PAEDOPHILIA through and through.

The language may not be perfect for everyone's taste, but you get what we The White Rabbit MEAN.  You and The White Rabbit, we don't have  a TASTE for HUMAN CHILD RAPE, SNUFF, and OTHER STUFF too polite to mention, and so.  U HUMAN up to this, or you starting following the Rabbit down the Rabbit HOLE to WONDERLAND, including ALL IT'S MANY HALLS of HORRORS, where GODZILLA creations ROAM LOOSE trashing MURDERING, GENOCIDING HUMANS, down the HOLE so deep, you mind will BEND with DISBELIEF, for have The White Rabbit got TALES SO TRUE your FEET WILL FALL OFF human!

Yes, yes, it's TRUE!

Over to you, human; SEE ORANGE?

Use it!  Become human.

The White Rabbit!
If you Tweet Rabbit Regularly The White Rabbit!  ROARS Become Human!

Will you believe now?


Or still need to lose a little mor?


8. Covert Implanting - CIA/NSA
9. Covert Implanting - Sweden 

It's COSMIC BEing A HuMAN BEEing ;~): #VATICAN CHILD "350,800 missing children found" SLAUGHTER #MASSGRAVES


No Banksters  were harmed in the production of this blog.


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