Monday, 25 February 2013

#USA Warning To America - Daniel Hannan #MEP #TORY

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Reckless3057 1 year ago:  Daniel Hannan is to the UK what Ron Paul is to the US.  I sincerely hope someday you can see the success that Liberty Movement has seen in the States. God Bless.

censorednewsnow 1 second ago

I believe that is incorrect.

Daniel Hannan, AFAIK, is not attempting to abolish the Bank of England. We still need a Ron Paul type, in the UK, and indeed, in Europe. If I'm wrong; please advise me by sending me some evidence; I would love to discover I'm wrong, and that he's anti-bankster (Fake fiat money power creation). AFAIK, he's never spoken out against the CRIMINAL Bank of England. Not on fake money, nor on GLOBAL CRIME (e.g. LIBOR)."


Note, he doesn't once mention that the UK is INTEGRATELY INVOVLED in the DESIGNED TAKEOVER of the United States of America; no mention whatsoever of the TORY Lord Sassoon, nor TORY Lord Strathclyde's INTRICATE INVOLVEMENT in covering up the MASSIVE FIFTEEN TRILLION FRAUD committed by the BANKSTERS.  Telling Mr Hannan.  Not quite who you so successfully appear to be, hey! ;)

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