Sunday, 24 February 2013


100,000,000 on foodstamps; American Genocide Generals want MOR MOR MOR WAR TOYS for MASS MURDER and GENOCIDE; and if you can'#t afford to eat of house yourself, FUCK YOU, we're on 3,000,000M USD RETIREMENT salaries and we simply don't give a F*CK!

"A nuclear scientist says if US 'cold-war mentality and escalating arms buildup' were to continue at the present rate similar crises such as the Hanford nuclear leakage would be just around the corner. The comment comes as the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States is leaking a dangerous amount of nuclear waste from an underground storage tank, Washington Governor Jay Inslee said on Friday.

Published on Feb 17, 2013

Inslee said that between 150 and 300 gallons of waste might be leaking from the 65-year-old tank at the Hanford Site, which is located on the Columbia River in the state of Washington, the Associated Press reported. Hanford, which holds spent nuclear fuel from nuclear weapons development and production, has the highest level of radioactive waste of any site in the United States. It produced plutonium for the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945.

One million gallons (4,000 cubic meters) of highly radioactive waste from Hanford is currently traveling through the groundwater toward the Columbia River and will reach the river in 12 to 50 years if the cleanup operation is delayed. Press TV has conducted an interview with New York-based nuclear scientist, Behrad Nakhai, to further discuss the issue."

The White Rabbit!

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  1. Why do you carry on this way? We are now Legal Guardians of this planet and we no longer need to put up with this shit... honestly, why keep adding to this negativity when we now have, as of 25th Dec 2012, the mechanism in place to put a stop to all of this crap LEGALLY !

    1. Because the OPTT is a fraud, a fraud on you.

      You may be dumb enough to fall for it, but I am not.

      Do try actually read their trust document; including the so obvious errors. You know.

      Please stop SPAMMING the board with OPPT. I have not had a problem with you doing so, but frankly, it's starting to seriously piss me off that you're posting this fraud on every post, and I am gong to delete them all if you continue to act this way.

      Promote a fraud if you wish to, but not here.

    2. PS We were always guardians of this planet. ;)

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  3. And once you've realised the positions are now reversed, just think of the FUN in bringing them down - LEGALLY !


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