Monday, 25 February 2013


Here we go now, with TWO MORE UK POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS NAMED; Air Chief Marshall Sir Christopher Moran, and Tory Grandee Christopher Shale. 

If you've never heard of the DVD, perhaps you should become a regular reader of Rabbit?!

"Barrister and Security Services spokesman Michael Shrimpton on assassination of David Kelly, Air Chief Marshall Sir Christopher Moran and Tory Grandee Christopher Shale."

We have been telling you we didn't win the war, it just went covert, and carried on with the NAZIS shipped out (Operation Paperclip) into the USA, and elsewhere, WHERE THEY CARRIED ON THEIR NAZI ACTIVITIES, under entirely new identities, furnished to them, by the intelligence agencies in the relevant countries.

Were any shipped to the UK; don't you think it's time you demanded those records were opened?

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