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#UK #EU Global Crime Empire Lead Speaketh #BOE #ECB

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We thought strictly as a public service we'd better decipher this SNAKE-SPEAK for you.  After all, coming from the BANK OF CANADA, it's not like this particular CRIMINAL (now in charge of the GLOBAL LIBOR CRIME SYNDICATE) would ever speak without forked tongue.

Here we go; strike-through  the bullshit, REALITY written in red, instead of, or replacing the BS.

"Paul Tucker, deputy governor for financial stability GLOBAL ORGANISED CRIME, raised the possibility certainty in front of MPs TRAITORS after saying the Bank MAFIA could be doing more to help 'help' the economy.

Negative interest rates would mean high street lenders paying the central bank to place their money with it every last person in the United Kingdom (and many, many more around the planet, that work hard, and SAVE, rather than SPECULATE, being ROBBED ROBBED ROBBED. The move would be intended to encourage more lending to businesses and households Keep the richest families on the planet, the richest, whilst ensuring YOU, no matter how hard you work, have NO WAY WHATSOEVER of escaping the DESIGNED COLLAPSE of the WEST, and INTRODUCTION of GLOBAL COMMUNISM. But it could will also lead to a reduction elimination in the interest paid on individual saverseveryone's (except the BANKSTERS)  accounts held with high street banks.

The Bank has considered cutting rates from their record low of 0.5pc in the past but decided against doing so for fear of bankrupting a number of smaller building societies. But now the SLAVES have done NOTHING to stop the GLOBAL LOOTING, it's time to TAKE OVER the ONLY LAST REMAINING NON-PROFIT BANKING INSTITUTIONS IN THE UK. To get round the problem, the Bank is reviewing a possible change to its remit so it can set a separate interest rate specifically for excess deposits placed by financial institutions at the central bank. And thus establish the very important principle, that BANKS CAN GET INTEREST, and you cannot. ;)  Though don't worry, we'll introduce it piecemeal, so you don't really notice this effect over time. ;)

Addressing the Treasury Select Committee the owned, assembled banksters' politician  minions, the placemen put into the seats of government by the BANKSTERS, to ensure the LOOTING CONTINUES, Mr Tucker said: “I hope that we will think about the constraints of setting negative interest rates. This would be an extraordinary thing to do and it needs to be thought through carefully.”  "For all of five minutes, because you know, and I know, all this talk is JUST FOR SHOW; and that, via LORD SASSOON (a Rothschild place-men running UK Treasury), and Lord Rothschild, and Rockefeller, WE OWN ALL YOUR ASSES."

Malcolm Barr, an economist at JP Morgan, when asked by his CRIMINAL CO-CONSPIRATORS to provide a quote said the proposal “sounded more in the space of providing blue-sky options than something he was pushing for implementation of in the near term”.  Because everyone knows we're a global criminal enterprise, really, I mean crikey, we even had to shut down our global money laundering operations at VATICAN BANK, it's become that obvious, even with our own man running the damn country ... you know, via GOLDMAN SACHS.

Other central banks centers of GLOBAL FRAUDULENT MONEY CREATION, such as the European Central Bank Royal families of Europe, have two rates – a base rate and a deposit rate one for suckers, and one for buddies, providing they facilitate all our CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES, like ROBBING THE ENTIRE PLANET, and the such. In the UK, Bank sources said, a new so-called deposit rate could be charged on funds placed with the central bank the chief thief above a certain level. For example, the first £1bn of banks’ money held could be charged at the existing base fraudulently manipulate (for suckers) rate, and the rest but only for our buddies, who of course, we'll make sure have the right sorts of capital, because we create it, to participate at the new ‘deposit rate'. criminal enterprises only, rate.

When Denmark introduced negative rates for the first time in its history last year, it was the deposit rate that was cut below zero.  ensuring all our criminal buddies over there, could still ROB YOU on our behalf, whilst the ordinary person, aka SUCKER, again picked up the tab; it's a brilliant wheeze. Isn't it.

The distinction would protect set up the building societies for takedown or takeover  later, you know, like we did in America, over the past four years, which derive much of their income from base rate tracker mortgages. As they cannot cut their savings rates much lower, if base rates were reduced they would be unable to claw back the lost mortgage income and could potentially will definitely go bust.  But it wouldn't be immediate, so the DUMB-FUCK PUBLIC, won't suspect a thing.  Then we can do what we want; our CRIMINAL CARTEL, will OWN THE ASS of every last person in the United Kingdom, and of course, then NONE of them, will dare speak out, becuause, if they do, we won't bank them, and they'll STARVE; no home, no job.  You know, usual tactics (ref: USA, circa 2007-2012; we can then STEAL ALL THEIR HOUSES, too! ;) 

What, you didn't know we do this stuff all the time; that's why they appointed me; I'm the man who does all the SECRET BANK BAILOUTS ... You thick, or what?


Isn't that logic thing rather a WONDERFUL thing, at cutting through the BULLSHIT?

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Still don't get it?

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Still don't get it?


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