Sunday, 10 February 2013

#SecretTrials Secret Society Takeover of UK **OUTRAGE**

And whereas many may be familiar with KENNETH CLARKE QC, MP's LEADING of the BILDERBERG SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT WAR CRIMES EMPIRE, the other sponsor of the SECRET TRIALS and SECRET COURT PRECEDENTS BILL is none other than another SECRET SOCIETY member.

The TAKEOVER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM is underway FULL TILT, see our last post:

#SECRETTRIALS Special Advocates Disgrace Bar #UK

Do note the SCOTTISH connection, too; is this man also a SECRET SOCIETY (Freemason) member, too?  It's TIME BRITAIN ASKED AND DEMANDED ANSWERS!

"Jim Wallace, Baron Wallace of Tankerness
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Right Honourable
The Lord Wallace of Tankerness

James Robert Wallace, Baron Wallace of Tankerness, PC, QC (born 25 August 1954), is a British politician, currently a life peer in the House of Lords and theAdvocate General for Scotland. He was formerly Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Member of Parliament (MP) for Orkney and Shetland, Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Orkney and the first Deputy First Minister of Scotland in the Scottish Executive.

Lord Wallace was born in Annan inDumfriesshire, Scotland, and grew up there. As a boy, his first interest in politics was stoked when he collected autographs from politicians visiting the local area[1]: he still possesses one from Tam Dalyell, with whom he would later serve in the House of Commons. After finishing school in Annan he was accepted by Downing College, Cambridge, where he obtained a joint degree in Economics and Law, and was also rumoured to have been a member of the 'Three Kings' society. From there he returned to Scotland to read Law atEdinburgh, graduating in 1977. Based in Edinburgh, he practised as an advocate at the Scottish Bar, mostly in civil law cases."The Cambridge Apostles, also known as the Cambridge Conversazione Society, is an intellectual secret society at the University of Cambridge founded in 1820 by George Tomlinson, a Cambridge student who went on to become the first Bishop of Gibraltar.[1]


The Cambridge Apostles, also known as the Cambridge Conversazione Society, is an intellectual secret society at the University of Cambridgefounded in 1820 by George Tomlinson, a Cambridge student who went on to become the first Bishop of Gibraltar.[1]
The origin of the Apostles' nickname dates from the number, twelve, of their founders. Membership consists largely of undergraduates, though there have been graduate student members, and members who already hold university and college posts. The society traditionally drew most of its members from St John'sKing's and Trinity Colleges.

Obviously, the NEFARIOUS wayin which the Bill was dealt with, has nothing to do with this:
#CONSPIRACY Rome Prosecutor to Investigate #BILDERBERG

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