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Exclusive Interview Documentary with Brian Gerrish & Bill Maloney on The UK Column live show Telling You the Real Truth Behind Paedophileia & Paedophiles Rings throughout the UK
Which is Deep-rooted throughout the Highest UK Establishments & Exposing Them with Their Cover-ups..  I Have First-hand Knowledge of the Cover-ups, As I Am a Victim from the 1960s
And This Is My Campaign to Expose Them at Last for What They Are and What They Do.

All Major Links Below to the Insight of These Horrific Perpetrator and the Real Truth Behind What Goes on  Which the Mainstream Media Will Not Disclose to the General Public
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Note the UK's Daily Mirror recently published the SATANIC CONNECTION.

We did tell you:
Satanic Ritual Kid Sex Abuse

US Very Special Ops ;)

What you didn't know we run OPERATION CLEANSWEEP!
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Now kicking ass both sides of the pond:
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Heard of Holly Grieg? the people at the BBC know ALL about Holly Grieg.

They ever told you SQUAT?

Published on Nov 20, 2012

A rcoones video: According to the the Hollie Greig scandal & abuse case, the BBC neglects to expose the crimes she has been subject to.. The BBC did find out about the consequences of ignoring information about Jimmy Savile as of late and now the Hollie story should be told. . Hollie Greig and her Mother Anne have been through the mill. There are faux Hollie sites on the net. Hollie and Mum are prevented by court order from appearing at public demonstrations and on video. They both have been the subject of abuse physically by family members while being ignored and hobbled by the system. The Legal system and opposing groups have been against them from the beginning. Now is the time to tell their story and have a genuine investigation.

Rap Courtesy of - Truth Seeking Rebel

Warning the below website is the only one working directly with Hollie and Her Mother: There are hoax websites out there.

(Disclaimer: Views and opinions presented here are not necessarily those of the video maker and are presented for educational and informational purposed only)

Look For Anthony J Hilder information here:!/anthonyjh...


Published on Jan 28, 2013

The program was widely praised for its approach to the subject of paedophilia. Stewart Turner of said "It was a brave documentary, unafraid to portray sex-offenders as the deeply flawed human beings rather than sub-human bogeymen as is often (perhaps rather conveniently) the case." Leicester Mercury called the programme "a brilliantly-made, well-observed documentary. Fascinating, not sensationalist or sympathetic


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