Wednesday, 13 February 2013

#PENTAGON Subpoenaed Rare 9/11 #FBI #CONFISCATED

The original up above (embedded at the top of each page for a few days; this, a first response in.

Something Hitting the Pentagon: Subpoenaed Rare 9/11 FBI-Confiscated; first analysis,

by Deborah Macaoidh-Selim

"Published on Feb 12, 2013

Please try this yourself, because my camera could only pick up so much. This is something I noticed on a newscast posted by CensoredNewsNow containing surveillance footage from a hotel next to the Pentagon at the moment of the 9/11 attack. It was only released after a gridlock-like battle in court. Since the FBI confiscated all surveillance vids from surrounding cameras, this footage is only one of two that supposedly exist. There is no obvious plane, as the newscaster said.

But after I looked closely, I thought I saw something headed toward the place that was about to explode. By inverting the colors, it was plain as day. But it couldn't have been a plane.

Here is the link from CensoredNewsNow. Do what I did on the vid and see for yourself. There has never been any wreckage pics or photos. No one there saw a plane. Victims and first responders walked around inside the hole made by the explosion. This may be the only footage in existence of the thing that hit the Pentagon.

You will want to be skeptical. That's good. If after that, it still nags at you, then you'll know we might be onto something. Do what you will with it and discuss. It's not mine in the first place, and I'm no judge."

: (at the time of writing DOWNED by GOOGLE! :(

We wonder why:


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