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Published on Jan 29, 2013

After Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS gave a press conference to the Belgian media to expose the report of autopsy of "Julie and Melissa", the pedophile Marc Dutroux' s little victims who have officially died of hunger in Dutroux's basement while he was in prison for another case, the members of the Belgian Parliament have sanctioned Laurent Louis, on the 30th of june 2012, by obvious fear that the cruel truth would be brought in plain sight and to protect those among the government who are directly involved in the protection of the pedocriminals... or worse, those who belong this international pedo-criminal ring.

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"0:00 Thank you, Mr President.

0:03 Dear colleagues, as it has been said, the procedure that concerns us today

0:06 is quite unique

0:09 and if I decided to make use of the Article 59

0:13 of the constitution, it is to expose a serious violation to the parliamentary work,

0:17 to the freedom of speech of the nation's elected officials.

0:20 Had I committed the slightest criminal offense, I would never have brought this case before the Parliament.

0:25 I would have assumed my acts and taken my responsibilities.

0:29 But here we are facing a totally abject political trial

0:33 which raises many questions, especially in terms of independence of justice.

0:37 Unlike many politicians,

0:40 I'm not blamed to have embezzled thousands or even millions of tax payers money.

0:45 I only did my job in good faith, and I'm only being blamed for opening my mouth!

0:50 So of course, I can very easily understand

0:53 that the majority of this Parliament does not appreciate my methods nor my outspokenness.

0:58 This is logic, I understand.

1:01 The representatives of the traditional parties defend interests they sometimes prefer to hide

1:05 and they are often turned into sheep

1:08 who merely follow the instructions given by their hierarchy.

1:12 Yet the speech I hold is the one of the people

1:15 you are supposed to represent, but that you no longer listen to for decades.

1:20 Remember in 1996, THE WHITE MARCH!

1:23 The wrath of the Belgian people! The mobilization to ensure that evil does not happen again.

1:28 Remember those 300,000 people

1:31 who marched through the streets of Brussels calling for a FAIR justice.

1:35 A justice which is on the side of the victims and not the executioners!

1:38 A Justice that rejects the protections and never protects the powerful.

1:43 This justice, this new Belgium, I am one of those

1:45 who claimed for it during this White March,

1:48 even though at the time I was only 16 years old.

1:51 Today, unfortunately, almost 20 years after the tragedy,

1:54 well... this WHITE MARCH has changed nothing!

1:57 Worse! The citizens realize that they have been lied to - that they have been dangled on a lot of things

2:01 but that nothing happened. Then of course, we reformed the police.

2:04 We gave a little more room to the victims,

2:07 but the pedophiles still benefit from protections

2:10 simply because they are part of the powers that be

2:12 and they are those who influence Justice.

2:15 How else to explain that we have refused to analyze hundreds of genetic traces,

2:20 hair and pubic hair found in the Marcinelle's secret place

2:23 where the DUTROUX's little victims have been sequestered?

2:26 How to explain that astounding tapes were lost?

2:29 How to explain that those who attempt to seek the truth are prosecuted?

2:33 That everything is done to silence them or worse, they die accidentally?

2:37 Today, as a MP, all I just did within this Parliament is to pursue

2:42 my work and my quest for truth in this case

2:45 that too many politicians in this country want to stifle

2:48 as if by any chance they had something to reproach themselves!

2:51 So I know that some are able to get over it and start a new life

2:55 but thousands of Belgians refuse that criminals should be free,

2:58 but in this matter, it is unfortunately the case.

3:01 I say it loud and clear and I will continue to do so

3:04 the facts alleged against me before the courts are just ridiculous.

3:08 It's a masquerade, a political trial!

3:12 Since when does a politician NOT have the right to ask questions

3:16 on a court case stored into oblivion?

CLICK ON THE SUBTITLE ICON or CC for the TRANSLATION in ENGLISH. (Sorry for the bad quality of the footage but as the Parliament refuses to give Laurent Louis the filmed version - paid with our tax payer's money- Laurent Louis has to film it with his web cam.)

Other videos will be subtitled in English to expose what democracy looks like in the heart land of Europe.

3:19 Since when a member of Parliament can not use the evidence

3:23 proving that the judicial version does not match reality?

3:28 since when should an MP be quiet for fear of being sued?

3:32 Never in the history of our country, a MP has had to endure

3:36 what I undergo today. Searches of my home with more than 15 people

3:41 Worse than for a terrorist. Censorship of my personal website.

3:44 But also the censorship of my party' website!

3:47 A press campaign commissioned by my political opponents

3:50 and now, a psychiatric assessment !

3:52 Yes, it's brand new.

3:54 When you are suspected of concealment or defamation

3:58 well, you are subjected to a psychiatric assessment !

4:01 It's the new trend, but don't worry,

4:05 especially on the benchs of the Socialist Party. It is limited to only the case of Laurent Louis

4:08 Or others who denounce the abuses of our pedophile leaders, of course.

4:12 So I can understand, as I said, that you do not like my methods.

4:16 That my actions upset you, but you don't want me

4:19 to remain silent and protect the criminals, do you?

4:22 So as I said, the facts I'm blamed for are completely crazy.

4:25 One talked about concealment because I dispose of the autopsy reports of the victims of Marc Dutroux.

4:30 It's weird because this case has had a public hearing at the court

4:35 and elements of the file have been widely publicized by the press

4:38 and they can even be found on Wikipedia. It is also surprising

4:42 to see that the possession of this file is not punishable in an identical manner

4:47 according to the people who hold it.

4:50 Thus, Cardinal Danneels was also found in possession of that file

4:53 during the searches of Judge DE TROY in the context of the pedophilia scandals within the Church

4:57 But him, incidently, he has never been charged with concealment.

5:01 Double standards depending on whether you are powerful or miserable

5:05 I am also accused - that one charge is completely stupid by the way -

5:09 I am accused of having revealed the identity of a victim of sexual abuse.

5:12 I am reproached in fact having for having quoted the names of

5:15 Julie, Melissa, Ann, Efje, Sabine or Laeticia

5:18 as if the Belgians were not already familiar their names.

5:21 Well, it's fine with me if it is punishable. No problem.

5:24 But then, it will be necessary to condemn many people, starting with all the journalists

5:27 who have immediately revealed the names of the girls at the outbreak of the case.

5:31 And then, I'm also accused of defamation towards a journalist working for LE SOIR,

5:34 the press organ of the Socialist Party.

5:36 And I'm surprised we have not yet pursued those who for no reason

5:40 insulted me in the press and are spreading rumors about me

5:43 trying to make me pass for an extremist

5:46 a racist, and THAT is new: a madman

5:50 So if I am to be pursued for this we will also pursue the minister Ms Milquet

5:54 who lied on the radio saying that I had published the autopsy photos of Julie and Melissa on my website.

6:00 while it has never been the case. A minister who lies, what a beautiful example!

6:03 We should also continue to the pseudo president of the Socialist Party, Mr Giet

6:06 who dared say on all national TV stations

6:09 that I was a representative of the extreme right. But they are not, of course, they have every right!

6:14 They can talk, and me I should shut up. But I refuse to shut up.

6:17 I refuse to put my head in the sand as the members of this assembly do.

6:21 And so, I really invite all young members of the parliament to look at the autopsy photos of Julie and Melissa.

6:26 Have the courage to do it! I can only encourage you to do it!

6:29 Your eyes will not lie to you. Never again, you'll believe

6:33 in the version of the court which states that the little girls died from hunger.

6:36 And I know there are MPs who are worthy, honest and correct.

6:40 And it is obvious that even if there is or if there have been pedophiles within our government;

6:45 the whole of this assembly is not composed of pedophiles.

6:48 So stop thinking of your career, your portfolio and follow the path of truth!

6:54 It takes a little courage, that's true, but together we can achieve to clean our country from those who defile it!

7:00 And so, what I am asking you today is simply to sanctify the freedom of speech of the MP's.

7:06 Because we have the right but also the duty to speak

7:10 to report malfunctions. This work, we must have the possibility to do it

7:15 without fear of prosecution and political persecutions.

7:19 for it is what is taking place here.

7:22 Right after my revelations, the Home Secretary Milquet has made every effort to use her power

7:26 to undermine a political competing formation.

7:30 And in a jiffy, the site of my party was censored.

7:33 The censorship lasted for 2 months, unlike the site of "Sharia4Belgium!"

7:36 And a few minutes after my intervention, the Minister

7:39 called for the lifting of my parliamentary immunity and my prosecution.

7:43 She did everything to convince the Minister of Justice to exercise her right of positive injunction

7:48 so an instruction could be conducted against me. And I can tell you

7:51 here in front of you that this instruction is conducted exclusively inculpatory

7:55 This is a disgrace to our court, a disgrace to our democracy

7:59 which seems to have become an appearance of it.

8:02 I am asking you how is it conceivable that the Minister of Justice can make use of her influence

8:07 to pursue a political competitor?

8:09 It is simply a surreal and unacceptable mechanism

8:14 For then it is so easy to silence dissenting voices who are not pleasing

8:19 to the powers that be. I wonder if we are still in a democracy

8:22 or if we are in a dictatorship? But the worst is that while justice loses its time to pursue a backbench MP

8:28 criminals, rapists and killers of children, THEY are free!

8:32 And this morning, I discovered by chance, the report of the Commission of the proceedings.

8:36 By chance, uh! Yet I'm concerned! And this report considers that everything goes normally

8:41 and that nothing justifies to suspend the prosecutions against me.

8:45 When I see the composition of the Commission, it does not surprise me.

8:48 We find Mr Landuyt, Member of the Dutroux Commission who was a full failure.

8:52 Mr Stephan De Clerk, the Minister of Justice, who had to resign after the Dutroux case.

8:57 Mrs Lallieux and Mrs Déom both respectively president and member of the special commission on pedophilia within the Church

9:02 who did everything to prevent pedophile priests from being prosecuted

9:05 and to ensure that officials of the ecclesiastical authorities are fully absolved

9:11 despite their very clear involvement. Add to this Mr Bacquelaine,

9:15 Group Leader M.R., a direct competitor,

9:17 and you will understand that this report has, in my opinion, no value!

9:20 Thus, I remind to the Parliament as a whole and especially the Flemish MPs,

9:25 I ask them not to let a few individuals impair to

9:29 the freedom of speech of the nation's elected representatives.

9:32 Because if you accept that I am prosecuted for the work conducted in the course of my duties,

9:36 you may prevent any future Parliamentary to fully do its job.

9:41 So I know that my methods have offended you, but my competitors have hyped the event

9:45 to divert attention from the real issues.

9:48 It was easier to talk on the TV news of the excesses of Louis Laurent

9:52 than answer the questions I asked, namely

9:55 how can we explain that girls supposedly died of hunger in a secret place after 103 days of detention

10:00 and without supposedly received any visit

10:03 have been presenting on the autopsy photos, an anal gaping close to 5 cm?

10:07 That is the question and this is the only question we have to ask ourselves!

10:11 And ask this question, it is by no means intend to hurt the victims' relatives!

10:16 Instead, it is reviving this file so that their children did not die for nothing!

10:21 And if we do not, we are worse than those who do evil

10:24 And I, in any case, I will not be part of them! You choose your side!

10:27 So if you can not stand for this injustice,

10:31 I ask you to freely exercise the function for which I was elected

10:35 and to sanctify the political responsability

10:38 confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights, which, as stated by Mr Landuyt,

10:42 must allow a MP to express himself

10:45 safely and seamlessly.

10:50 And thus, that MP's responsibility, I will of course defend it tooth and nail!

10:56 Therefore, I do not understand how it is possible to sue me while all actions taken

10:59 have been part of my function but also in the laudable goal to seek the truth

11:04 in a horrible case that has shaken the country and the political and legal spheres decided to stifle

11:09 to protect unavowable interests. And I finish.

11:12 As for me, I know that whatever happens I can look at myself in the mirror every morning.

11:16 But I am convinced that everyone will not be able to do the same.

11:20 Maintaining the prosecutions against me could create an undemocratic precedent.

11:25 Think twice before do any act which in the future could have serious consequences

11:30 on the independence of the MP's. And I have no doubt that We will speak of this issue again

11:35 when the lifting of my parliamentary immunity will be required.

11:38 This should be done very quickly because I have to appear before the Council Chamber of Liège

11:42 on july 16th and what is convenient with political trials,

11:45 is that we know what to expect.

11:47 And thus, it's so convenient, a few weeks away from the elections,

11:51 to bring me to the criminal court

11:54 for trifles! A boon for the PS, MR and CDH.

11:58 And finally, do not forget, the world is dangerous to live not because of those who do evil

12:03 but because of those who know and let it happen. Thank you.

12:10 Thank You, Mr louis.

12:13 There is no other interventions.

12:18 And the conclusion of the Commission is as follows:

12:21 Given the demand for suspension of proceedings brought by Mr Laurent Louis,

12:25 the report submitted by the Prosecutor General

12:28 at the Courts of Appeal of Brussels,

12:30 Given the general principles outlined below as well as the regularity of the procedure

12:35 the Commission proposes unanimously to reject the request for suspension of prosecutions brought by Mr Louis.

12:41 Can everybody join the conclusion of the Commission?

12:45 But I demand a recorded vote.

12:55 Recorded vote on the conclusions by the Commission.

13:06 Voting begins!

13:15 Everyone has he voted and checked his vote?

13:20 Voting ends!

13:22 128 members took part to the vote.

13:25 127 adopt the report of the Commission.

13:30 One vote against. Therefore,

13:34 the chamber adopts the conclusion of the Commission.

13:39 (Translation: Géraldine Feuillien)

CLICK ON THE SUBTITLE ICON or CC for the TRANSLATION in ENGLISH. (Sorry for the bad quality of the footage but as the Parliament refuses to give Laurent Louis the filmed version - paid with our tax payer's money- Laurent Louis has to film it with his web cam.)
Other videos will be subtitled in English to expose what democracy looks like in the heart land of Europe.


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