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Here we go; gotta start somewhere I suppose, forget the BILLION and TRILLIONS of fraud; still, any progress, is better than none, and let's give MAJOR CREDIT WHERE DUE; the CROOKS in teh JUDICIARY (if that is what this lady turns out to be), need NAILING before we can NAIL the REST! ....And so, rather proudly presenting:

"Judge Constance Briscoe arrested for 'lying to police' about role in exposing Chris Huhne

Britain's most prominent black judge, Constance Briscoe, has been arrested on suspicion of lying to police about her part in exposing Chris Huhne's speeding points scam, it can be revealed today.

By Gordon Rayner, and Sam Marsden

4:54PM GMT 26 Feb 2013

Constance Briscoe, 55, helped Huhne’s ex-wife Vicky Pryce “cook up” a plan to bring about the former Cabinet minister’s downfall, then tipped off journalists about how Huhne had lied about who was driving his car when he was caught speeding.

But she allegedly lied in a police witness statement by saying she had not spoken to the media about the episode, leading to her arrest last October.

The jury at Miss Pryce’s retrial was told that Miss Briscoe was not being called as a prosecution witness because she could not be relied upon as a “witness of truth”.

Miss Briscoe, 55, has not been charged but remains on police bail.

Until now the media has been banned from reporting Miss Briscoe’s involvement in the Huhne case, or the reason she was arrested, because of a series of strict reporting restrictions issued by the courts."


Really, really sad if these allegations are true; no doubt the entire black population of the UK, will feel as let down, or even more so, than the entire white, red, pink, blue, etc, population of the UK, but let the cookie crumble where it may, this is NOT about RACE, this is about CRIMINALITY.

A message for the Metropolitan Police:  East a bit peeps in the Met, east a bit: 

If you want your children to HAVE a home, that is.

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