Saturday, 16 February 2013

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The opening case of the Court concerning crimes against humanity by church and state in Canada: The Indian residential schools

Published on Nov 5, 2012

Conclusion of the first case in the docket of the ICLCJ: Genocide in Canada by church and state

Published on Jan 30, 2013

The silencing of whistleblowers like Kevin Annett is part of the strategy by church and state to conceal their crimes against humanity. Dr. Jennifer Wade, a co-founder of Amnesty International, is an eyewitness to the victimization and defrocking of Rev. Annett after he exposed secret sale of native land and murder by the United Church of Canada.

Published on Feb 5, 2013

Of course, you'll find this story covered on the now BANNED IN CANADA (and the US) Press TV, but you're not likely to see it on the ILLUMINATI BBC anytime soon!

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