Wednesday, 6 February 2013

#FREEMAN One Peoples' Public Trust #ICC #OPPT #LAW

Astute regulars will note most, if not all of the 'alternative' media is blathering on about something called the OPPT.  The reason we're not covering it, even though of course, we did do some digging into it early on, is because in our view it's a TOTAL SCAM.

It seems, we're not the only one. ;)


"Patrick Levell replies:
Unbelievable. PRWeb — a distribution service for press releases which ties in to Reuters, AP, etc. — thinks OPPT is nonsense, and refuses to distribute the press release.”

“As a part of our editorial review process, this e-mail is to inform you that your press release has been put on editorial hold and requires your attention.

IMPORTANT: Please review the following information regarding the status of your press release entitled:

The One People’s Public Trust Has Foreclosed on all Governments and Central Banks 10394012

Our editors have determined that some changes will need to be made to your press release in order to effectively distribute it on PRWeb. Your press release has been placed on editorial hold status in order to allow you to make the required reviews and edits.

Our editors have made the following notes regarding your editorial hold:

Your press release references content or a resource that seems to be fictional or nonsensical. Such content is not appropriate for distribution through a press release; PRWeb cannot distribute content of this nature.”
Followed with … …

“The body content in your release makes no sense. The notion that entities like the United Nations and World Bank have been foreclosed upon is untrue to the point of absurdity.

PRWeb does not publish parody news, manifestos, general interest articles or esoteric rants against major financial institutions. We suggest that you contact our editorial team at to request a refund.”

Go waste your time with the next Illuminati plan to keep you from actually DOING SOMETHING NOW to take down the CRIMINALS, the CROOKS, and the ARSE ARTISTS, if you will, for The White Rabbit!  It's onwards ...

To Reality! :~)

Some might think it's a bit of a giveaway, that their website title runs as follows:

"OPPT – The Unfolding Story
The One People's Public Trust, 1776 – Cataloging the story as it unfolds, a link for staying updated & spreading this news far and wide"

Obviously someone went hookey the day they taught these 'legal experts' where an apostrophe fits when one's talking about more than one person.

As I said ... One born every minute.

Are you one?

The White Rabbit!

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