Tuesday, 26 February 2013

#EXOPOLITICS Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Tells All #DISCLOSURE

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, testifies to extraterrestrial visitation and military coverup.

Sirius: Edgar Mitchell EXCLUSIVE

Mor Mitchell?


U know, he did give disclosure in the UK in 2009, don't you?

Don't humans sea like?

See stars of The White Rabbit!?  Like UNDESEA objects, too (currently DOWNED censorednewsnow.com content).  They're red, DOTS, and they CONNECT, dumbo! :)


You know, easy peasy for DUMB human that NO GEDDIT.  Can't see in front of their own noses.

"Published on Feb 25, 2013

Special thanks to James Fox for providing the interview.

Get more information at http://www.SiriusDisclosure.com,

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Documents and testimony from "Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal The Greatest Secrets in Modern History" by Dr. Steven M. Greer.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)"

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The White Rabbit!

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