Friday, 22 February 2013

#EXOPOLITICS Alien Agenda Unfolding #FREEMAN

Now about ten minutes in; seems a most excellently RATIONAL discussion of some of the exopolitics issues.  Interestingly of note personally, the first time I've come across a freeman, talking some of the right issues. Where's the fukg TECH we PAID FOR BANKSTERS! ;)

Get with the PROGRAM, or GET PROGRAMMED, human!  Intel Inside! ;)

Or u can start READING RABBIT REGULARLY: ..... And lose the MIND CONTROL!

They definitely don't want you to realise FREEMEN have TRIED ARRESTING THE CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER (and mate with the INSANE BALD DWARF!):


Uploaded on Aug 18, 2010

Last week my mother died during a routine surgical operation. A day before her funeral I get a visit from bailiffs attempting to levy a 2 year old distress warrant that is invalid and I have not had any letters inviting me to the court to dispute it. Sorry for the shaking but I suffer from serious anxiety, especially when Brutus and Shaggy are trying to pwn me!

After this video ends they drove off but left behind a walking posession on my car. It was unsigned so they can f**k off. A 'statutory declaration' stops this sort of thing in its tracks so look that up if you are in the same situation.

This video has brought about some argument about debt enforcement but mostly support for my situation which I am grateful for thank you. There is no perfect system where we can all live happy all the time without some grinch somewhere to piss us off. Socialism, capitalism, communism .....all have their flaws and eventually fail. But what we all need to agree on is that a persons personal life should not be interfered with unless it is absolutely obvious that the person deserves it. Just owing money is not enough i.e. that person must be proved to be a greedy bastard who does have the means to pay and is not for one reason or another. Basically, the poor must be protected because they are vulnerable and should not be victimised just because they do not want to be part of an exploiting money system. Poor people are a fact of life because not everyone can be rich, it is not mathmatically possible."


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It's Alien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The White Rabbit!

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