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Sunday January 27, 2013

UNITED States of America -
 It can now be reported that IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde engaged in a major verbal confrontation with German Deutsche Bank CEO Jürgen Fitschen last Friday on 1/25/13.

The verbal explosion erupted when Lagarde confronted Fitschen with evidence that the German Deutsche Bank, Ally Bank (Ally Financial Group) and Bank of America are involved in a major money laundry using the Cayman Islands as headquarters.

The evidence fingers Deutsche Bank, Ally Financial Group and Bank of America for violating major anti money laundry provisions of the Basel II European Union financial treaty that was passed to further prevent derivative exposure of major European financial institutions.

Instead of following the provisions of the treaty, we can now divulge that Deutsche Bank and Bank of America have been using secret offshore accounts linked to the Ally Financial Group to write more illegal cross-collateralized derivatives that has created major currency imbalances in the nightly traded world FOREX currency exchange.

Note: Ally Financial Group is actually a holding company for Ally Bank and the holding company is then used to disguise the derivative trading.

Christine Lagarde and the entire IMF (International Monetary Fund) are specifically concerned about the irregular spread (cross rates) between the Australian dollar and the Japanese yen and the role of both the Central Bank of Japan and the Central Bank of Australia in using these illegal Deutsche Bank derivatives as collateral to manipulate the global currency market as well as the exchange rate on their own currencies.

Translation: The IMF believes Deutsche Bank, Ally financial Group, Bank of America, the Central Bank of Japan and the Central Bank of Australia are involved in a worldwide ponzi scheme using artificial marked up cross-collateralized derivatives (there is no cash involved whatsoever) to prop up world equity markets while manipulating global commodity and currency markets.

WARNING TO ALL WORLDWIDE INVESTORS: We now have a Deutsche Bank bubble that will eventually collapse the world financial markets.

P.S. The alleged 3.9 billion euro bail out given to Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Vienna by the Central Bank of Italy involved no real cash. It involved, you guessed it, more Cayman Island Deutsche Bank derivatives.


IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde just two hours ago phoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel and told her directly, and I quote "the IMF will decapitate the Nazi Skull and Bones German Deutsche Bank unless the Deutsche Bank stops misusing Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds in their latest Cayman Islands ponzi scheme".

Reference: The IMF has already frozen over 50% of Deutsche Bank proprietary accounts.

Lagarde also told Merkel that the bilateral tax agreement between the IMF, Austrian banks and the U.S. Treasury is imminent.

Reference: The bilateral tax agreement just mentioned are the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

Lagarde finished the conversation with Merkel (a Bush Crime Family stooge) and told her bluntly to stand down.

In closing, (laugh out loud) a question should be asked: Can MFGlobal avoid bankruptcy if it agrees to pay its alleged counter party JPMorgan chase $22 billion worth of Deutsche Bank derivatives. Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings in which we will finger discount trading whorehouse like AmeriTrade, ScottTrade and ETrade who are currently in violation of the anti money laundry provisions of the CFTC, the NFA and the SEC.

The question is: Like in the PFG case, who is on the take?

Word is out that as many as 30% of the accounts opened at these discount houses don't even have proper social security numbers.

Remember, these discount houses are backed by the banks and are complicit in a great deal of crooked activities."

UPDATE:  24th July 2014

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