Friday, 4 January 2013

#WANTA Leo Wanta Breaks Cover **AMAZING**

Wow, we never thought we'd live long enough to see this day.  We deeply suspect, along with this (more truth than you can handle, or ever wanted to know about who runs America, the UK, Russia, China, Australia, etc, etc, etc, and Planet Earth (and possibly other planetary bodies) including NAMING of the MAFIA Dons of America; including those in CONGRESS, who own the Heroin production facilities, built by Americans, in Afghanistan; including details (a murder) by David AND Samantha Cameron, being used by Murdoch (who has the phone hacked discussion between the two of them about this) and so much more, you will struggle to believe it unless you have a deep background, or have done years of deep research on these subjects.  
Nevertheless, we can only bring you the truth; we cannot make you believe it. But we DO tell you it's the TRUTH.  Sometimes, we can bring you some of the EVIDENCE; have you seen this video proving BANK OF AMERICA involvment in running the SECURE CASH BOXES into and out of Afghanistan?

We have always, at great personal risk to our own continued existence, been telling you about LEO WANTA, and the 27 Trillion (now confirmed, listen to the link above, to be many, many, MANY times more than that) which can SAVE AMERICA, and hence the FREE WORLD; we provided you with the case references (example), so you could read the Court Filings yourself; the SWORN STATEMENTS OF FACT, about the Reagan black Ops (Russian Ruble Trading; the real reason for the collapse of the Soviet System).  We now extremely proud to bring you: 

The ONLY RECENT INTERVIEW (20th December 2012) ever given by AMBASSADOR LEO WANTA

If you won't believe the truth when it comes up and BITES YOU ON THE NOSE; I cannot help you.

It's that simple.

A tiny bit of our previous coverage:

Of course, you can also obtain the ORIGINAL Wanta paperwork, as dumped, right here, on Operation Occupy The Banks:


Above links taken from this page (goodness, we're tired, sorry, no time to do more now, we need a haircut (like, we're more than a month overdue!):

"Protocol Update plus there is NO Fiscal Cliff"


#WANTA Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol UPDATE #OWS #IMF

What can you personally do about any of this.  It's quite simple.  You can make sure your elected representatives know all about it, by getting up to speed on it, and then clearly informing them.

If they choose to be cowards, then you'll at least know that much.  The White Rabbit!  I can't do it all.

Human's, need to become Human's again; and stop living like SLAVES.  Just STOP IT. NOW!

The White Rabbit!


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