Tuesday, 29 January 2013

#UK Eat or Heat; That is The Question #TERRORIST #TORIES

Truth.  Just truth.  No bullshit.  No spin.  Just reality.  Reality, revealed.

Britain, is a shitty, BANKSTER infected place, where the RICH ROB, with GLEE ABANDON, given the GREEN LIGHT to do whatever they want.  The regular is bought; their man installed; Knighthood guaranteed for LOOKING THE OTHER WAY.  Every last market, RIGGED; every last Lord, but ONE, potentially an ORGANISED CRIME figure (we'll update you on that once we've done much more digging).

I really like the fact, Mark covers in this  broadcast; the SICKNESS at the heart of the British BRAINWASHING media; busy BEATING the MIND CONTROL into the population, that we're ever so lucky to be PAYING the BANKSTERS NOW, a price paid in future earnings, of our children's children.  And very soon, to be paid, potentially, with the lives of MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS of people, whist the insane psycho's live deep underground, drinking a good burgundy, whilst you DIE, up top.  Meantime, the CRIMINAL INSANE BALD DWARF, is of course, busy authorising UK Mercenary outfits, to false flag with CHEMICAL WEAPONS; there is NO DEPTHS these CRIMINALS will not sink to; and in that, Brits should be careful; another 7/7 beckons any moment.  And of course, none of the cameras will work again, you can be sure of it.  Funny that, hey. ;) ;)

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The Great Fuel Robbery

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