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#TURKEY Police Afraid of Dutch State #OpCLEANSWEEP

Obviously HEROIC NEW NEWS SITE most welcomed to the DAMN DEMMINK #OpCLEANSWEEP Campaign; HEROES ALL!  Only publishing in Dutch at the moment, and without seemingly any easy way to translate (we ended up getting the below via using the URL feature, for anyone that wants to check via Google Translate.  If you are Dutch, and can see any major errors in the Google translate, DO PLEASE add a comment, explaining the error!  TIA!

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MACHINE TRANSLATED (after rather a lot of bother; in full, therefore, to save u that hassle!)

"I'm afraid of the Dutch State '   

File - Turkey
FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 2013 2:05 P.M.

baybasin5At the time of the study Hüseyin Baybasin in the nineties 'crimes' committed by the Dutch police and members of the Public Ministry. It has a Turkish-Dutch former policeman said in an investigation by the Attorney-General of the Supreme Council, as to  Crime Site secured. Some prosecutors have committed perjury in this TC. The current commissioner of Amsterdam, Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, should the criminal affairs have been aware, said C. opposite the PG of the High Council.
By Wim van de Pol

The testimony of TC - who for years has been silent on the matter Baybasin - is of decisive importance in the case Baybasin because it demonstrates that the research possible unlawful. Thus, the Supreme Court may decide to refer the case back to court and detention and of Baybasin suspend or withdraw.
C. played as an interpreter and informal liaison with the Turks a central role in the cooperation between Turkish high officials and the top of the Dutch police and the Public Prosecution Service. He was recently heard by the judge in The Hague, which the Supreme Court investigates the Baybasin case. Policeman and interpreter TC worked from 1988 to 2005 to investigate large Turkish criminal organizations. He functioned at the level of team leader.
The Kurdish leader Hüseyin Baybasin in 2002 by the court in Den Bosch sentenced to life for ordering for two murders. Baybasin has since his arrest in March 1997 stated that the case put together by the Dutch police at the request of the Turks. Last year, the Procurator General at the Supreme Court an investigation, following a revision request from Baybasin.
One of the new facts that the lawyer Baybasin had put forward were strong indications that - unlike prosecutors and police have declared on oath - Turkish and Dutch police since the late eighties was investigating Baybasin. Prosecutors Klunder and Johan Hugo Hillenaar (now Chief Breda) declared for court and court under oath that the examination Baybasin only began in January 1997. In interrogation that lasted for a day described C. how Dutch and Turkish police since 1989 together researched Baybasin. 
C. information received directly from the highest Turkish authorities. He has told the magistrate and the PG of the Supreme Court now expanded and explained in detail how the Turkish government since the end of the eighties put pressure on the Netherlands to Baybasin - that many stayed in the Netherlands - to tackle because he was suspected of links with the Kurdish resistance movement PKK.
During the session pointed Attorney General Diederik Aben out that the reliability of C. perhaps not so large to be regarded as that of prosecutors. C. kindled them into a rage. 
On the phone from prison responded Baybasin Tuesday against Crime Site  also furious: "They have this interpreter is sufficiently reliable to the highest authorities in Turkey to negotiate on behalf of Netherlands and also to his research into letting me do. And now he was suddenly no longer reliable? "
One of the murder files Baybasin later in the Netherlands was accused names C. and other investigators illegally take from Istanbul, later the information officially laundered. 
According to C. there was still a hit list of 11 influential Kurds. All but two are killed them all. Baybasin survived, partly because he fled to the Netherlands. Persons within the Turkish government at that time were themselves directly involved in heroin trafficking. C. said Baybasin the main international intelligence gave information about Turkey.
C. suggested to the Hague magistrate Y. Wijnnobel, that the case of Baybasin put together by Dutch officials and leaving 'crimes' committed. He refused to go deeper into them. He said to fear that he as unbelievable liar and will be cleared. His lawyer Keith Pen wants no substantive comment. He demanded for his client a separate investigation into the events surrounding Baybasin to stone unturned to bring.
Shortly after the arrest of Baybasin sent team leader Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg (photo), now the top cop in Amsterdam, in mid-1997 C. the lane. C. then went to work for the Amsterdam police force, but there was work to him impossible. In 2005, the AIVD, the highest security screening (A) on him. He was not a declaration of no objection , although prosecutors Koos Plooij and Fred Teeven (now Secretary of State) he openly supported, along with 38 others from the detection device. 
According to the AIVD, there was an atmosphere around C. which was not pure. He would have leaked information to Turkish authorities without his permission had of his superiors in the police. But a high policeman from Amsterdam commented at the time: "It's not for someone like Aalbersberg to criticize someone under his direction from the pass is going to walk." Learn more about the gestechel around the interpreter) 
C. and his lawyer at the hearing that the people like Aalbersberg and Klunder, persons who in the case Baybasin have driven, false information about him to the AIVD have provided. 
Probably C. again to testify. He also prepared to get hostage. "I'm not afraid Baybasin. I'm afraid of the Dutch state, "he said to the magistrate. This week hear the magistrate (ex-) investigators of the former core North and East Netherlands in the investigation into Baybasin participated. 
All posts about Baybasin. 
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