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#REDHACK 60,000 Academic Papers DUMP #TURKEY

For those that have never heard of RedHack we covered them months ago, as usual, I might add, right here:


Backgrounder out of the way, over to the MASSIVE ACADEMIC HACK OF OVER 60,000 DOCUMENTS!! I guess they've heard of Aaron Swartz! LOL
“Family thank #RedHack for leaking a document proving corruption at Ege Uni. They gave their land to uni. For education purposes but shopping centre was build instead. New evidence will prove their case and they are hoping to pursue it further.” - @RedHack_EN

Council of Higher Education of Turkey hacked and over 60.000 documents leaked 

RedHack staged a series of cyber-attacks on the website of Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and leaked over 60.000 of cables related to corruption investigations in universities and YÖK .

Another sub-domain of same site was defaced on 1st Jan 2013 in support for students of Middle East Technical University-METU (ODTÜ) who were attacked in December while attempting to stage a protest against a visit to the campus by prime minister Erdoğan.
Ebys .yok .gov .tr was defaced with photos of 8 mine workers who lost their lives in a mine accident on 7th Jan 2013 and journalist Metin Göktepe whose 17th death anniversary due to police detention brutality coincided on the same day. This action was dedicated to them along with support for METU and student’s uprising against AKP government brutality.
During the attack on YÖK’s Electronic Sharing System, 60.000 documents some of which are confidential were taken.
Istanbul University- Some of the documents includes claims of banks buying luxurious vehicles for university rectors in exchange for them agreeing to deposit university tuition fees at the particular bank. Also bank accounts opened in the names of the students, without their knowledge and appropriate ID’s to gain customers for the banks in order to secure these luxurious vehicles and monies handed to universities. These monies supposed to be deposited into the university accounts but in some cases there is no track of them.
One of these documents shows that a cleaning tender at Uludağ University in Bursa led to a 3million Turkish Lira public loss, while another shows that a candidate with a fake diploma was hired at Kastamonu University as a lecturer.
One of the documents reveals that at Marmara University 17m Turkish Lira was overpaid to some lecturers and it’s unaccounted for in the books.
Another document includes allegations from a lecturer at the medical faculty of Çukurova University, suggesting that the university was made to lose $4.5 million in a medical tender using the loan taken from Islamic Development Bank and the winning company failed to comply with the conditions of the contract. Despite four separate allegation claims made by same lecturer, Professors Alper Akınoğlu and Benhan Alper covered up the wrongdoings of the contractor company and previous YÖK president prevented prosecution investigation against those responsible for the financial loss.
Another document proves that allegation claims was made by some students to State Prosecutors Office about the Public Personnel Selection Examination questions being shared online before the exam date. The police have closed the investigation and referred it to YÖK and it’s president Ali Demir failed to take any action, claiming the publishing house responsible for keeping them secret was not to blame but made a complaint about the website shared the info. This was widely criticised in Turkey last year and as a result of this corruption thousands of students who are followers of government was placed in civil servant jobs.
Today students in capital Ankara and Istanbul staged a protests calling on university rectors involved in corruption to resign. In Ankara students carried banner saying “Red hack 2 – YÖK 0” and was stopped by police on route to PM’s office.
The print media in Turkey widely talks about these documents on their newspapers and websites while some TV commentators carried it to their prime time programmes, questioning the corruption within the universities.
Meanwhile, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) filed a parliamentary inquiry on 9th Jan 13 against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, asking him to respond to the allegations of corruption at several Turkish universities as revealed by Redhack. Also CHP’s youth wing announced that they will make an official complaint to State Prosecutors Office for these allegations to be investigated.
These documents will be released one by one where we find corruption took place. We call on international public to share this statement to bring it to the attention of world power how corrupt is the government and their institutions.
We cannot be stopped because we take our power from the people. People of Turkey should stand against corrupt and cruel AKP government and hold them to account by taking to streets.


Mirror of hacked website:
Some of the documents published:
Photos and pictures of Student protests after the corruptions revealed:
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