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United Kingdom Lifts Travel Ban On American Journalist

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Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:00am EST
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Follows Success of Online Petition and Motion from Member of Parliament
NEW YORK,  Jan. 24, 2013  /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of the child-abuse scandal
surrounding BBC presenter  Jimmy Savile, the  United Kingdom  lifted its 500-day
travel ban on American journalist  Leah McGrath Goodman  and restored her visa
this past week, allowing her to complete an investigation into allegations of
systemic child abuse in the UK and its territories.

As reported by The Guardian and the BBC, Goodman was banned after being detained
and questioned by UK authorities in  September 2011  about her research into
allegations of horrific crimes against children at the orphanage Haut de la
Garenne on the island of Jersey, a leading offshore tax shelter controlled by
the British Crown.  

Amid fresh allegations about Savile's predatory activities on the island of
Jersey, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley John Hemming filed a
parliamentary motion in  September 2012  protesting Goodman's ban."I am pleased
that Leah now has her visa," says Hemming. "They should not have banned her in
the first place. She wished to investigate the story relating to  Jimmy Savile 
and Haut de la Garenne before it became public. Clearly, her ban was part of the
cover-up which should be investigated itself."  

Trevor Pitman, a member of Jersey's Parliament, initiated a petition in defense
of Goodman in September on, signed by thousands. "I'm pleased our
campaign has been successful," says Pitman. "Leah's ban was politically
motivated and symptomatic of a justice system that has been hijacked."

Haut de la Garenne made international headlines in 2008, when Jersey police
launched an investigation into nearly 200 complaints of alleged abuse, torture
and murder at the children's home. The investigation was abruptly halted in 2009
after the island's Health Minister and Chief of Police were removed from their
jobs under pressure to end the probe.  

Leah McGrath Goodman, a member of The  London  Speaker Bureau and contributor to
Fortune plans to write a book on her findings. Her first book, "The Asylum:
Inside the Rise and Ruin of the Global Oil Market," will be released in
paperback by HarperCollins this spring.

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SOURCE   John Hemming;  Trevor Pitman;  Leah McGrath Goodman

John Hemming, Member of Parliament, Birmingham Yardley, +44(0)7958-398-388,; Andy Dodds, HarperCollins Publishers,

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