Friday, 18 January 2013


Seems to be a breakthrough of the media-short-film variaty (??) ... My German is unfortunately NON-EXISTENT, that's ... The White Rabbit!  Hum Hun! :/ Brit The White Rabbit! <g> Nevertheless <g> Here we go, after the GERMAN PRODUCED DOCUMENTARY about RITUAL CHILD ABUSE in FRANCE and BELGIUM (published here; somewhat kicking things off this round <g> .... You know, the round where we FINALLY NAIL THESE BASTARDS! ;)

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #OpCLEANSWEEP Onwards; this .... it's all I know!  Other than, it seems it needs be NIGHTTIME to watch this (EU I assume; Germany ;)) <g>.

Obviously due to the war; we try not to burrow the burrows in that direction; any but you see! <g> The deepest archives shows SLAUGHTER there!   .... Along with but FOUR WORDS such is the depths of our absence of knowledge of the place, since, well, you know when! :) 

Those four words introduced only with "USE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY!" at the top!!



"The film begins, where are sold and abused children. In the observation of a Berlin club, which serves a ring of child traffickers as camouflage, two commissioners make an explosive discovery: A respected judge is one of the customers who edited prosecutor Lessing an old friend of his. One of the children, which is where they are forced to work, is the ten-year fee from Romania. As a raid at the club runs into space, manages to escape fairy. If the prosecutor at the beginning nor disbelieve, they will soon become allies of the young Commissioner Wegemann. Deeper and deeper they get into the swamp of injustice, human trafficking and shadow life. Whom can not be trusted when perpetrators of political and judicial circles protect each other?"


Even if all made up, if it does a half decent job of portraying just how difficult is it to uncover and PROSECUTE these peeps .... it could just be inspiration for a PLANETARY BODY to GET TO GRIPS with ITSELF once and for all and PROTECT CHILDREN; no matter where, when, or WHO the BASTARD is RAPING THEM!

The White Rabbit!

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