Tuesday, 29 January 2013

#IRAN Denies Rumors of Nuclear Plant Bombing #ISRAEL

Further to our coverage of this issue ...  Seems Iran is denying.

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#SYRIA UK Chemical Weapon #Assad #FALSEFLAG

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Iran Denies Rumors of Nuclear Plant Bombing
Reports Came From Self-Described CIA Agent
by Jason Ditz, January 27, 2013

Unconfirmed reports floating around over the past few days claiming a massive sabotage bombing against the underground Fordow enrichment facility have been denied by Iranian officials, who insist no such explosion ever took place.

The reports claimed the facility was bombed Monday morning, that it had shut down the highway from Qom to Tehran and a good chunk of Qom itself, a massive city, trapping 240 workers within. Oddly, none of this was ever mentioned in the press before this weekend.

The reports appear to have originatedwith self-described “former CIA agent” Reza Kahlili, who has been pushing for a US or Israeli attack on Iran for years. He provided no evidence, citing only one unnamed “security official.”

Kahlili’s story came with an agenda for an Israel-Iran war, claiming that since Monday’s “attack” Iran has been meeting with Hezbollah leaders in preparation for an attack on Israel by way of southern Lebanon. This claim, like the others, came with no evidence to back it up.
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