Monday, 14 January 2013

#HSBC Global Govt TERROR Launder Drugs #BANK #OpBLACKHEATH

We simply love Catherin Austin Fitts; she's the best.  We've not really put her on this blog much since our start, frankly, an oversight, and you're just about to find out why.

Do please please note ever so carefully; Catherine Austin FItts backs up in this ONE interview, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we have been saying about the BLACK PROJECT connection to the global DRUGS AND TERROR BUSINESS (themselves, intractably linked).   Will you believe Lord Blackheath NOW about the NAZI TERRORIST HOMELAND SECURITY SCUM????  About the TERRORIST, DRUG RUNNING, MEXCAN CARTEL RUNNING ATTORNEY GENERAL of AMERICA?

Top comment for the Obaminoids; read it, and LEARN!

"BLSATele 15 minutes ago  Home invasions, and business robberies, in South Africa are also conducted by multiple attackers. These attacks are often very violent. Yet, we are not allowed to own semi-autos for self defence. Single hand guns will not be enough firepower. That is the legacy of our gun control, we have of the strictest gun-control, and it has not worked."

If not; go quietly; let we forget that you were our countrymen.


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