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Jim Stone we helped out months ago, seconds after we got control of our own site back after a battle lasting days; see MIRROR:  JIM STONE.  Yes, yes; nailing BENGHAZI way back when  Some websites, you see, are MONTHS ahead of the rest of the pack.  Hint:  we're on of them! :~)

Over to Jim, who seems to have been busy getting some level of REVENGE!!!!!!!!  HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

I deeply suspect, these are the REAL BASTARDS denying me access to my OWN GOVERNMENT's SERVERS (not that it seems like the fuckwits working there even believe me); FUCKWITS; Government salaries, government jobs; MOR MOR MOR WAR; whilst the Brits start to STARVE, unable to even find out WTC is going on, what legislative changes are afoot, and much much MOR!

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Because they are a clandestine scam organization, probably run by the Israeli government or some other scam center in the U.S., when you click the link today, after I said I was going to nark on them, it just says "nothing to see here". But they don't own the WAYBACK MACHINE so I was able to tear them out of a new pair of undies. And if they want to scam their way out of pulling that little trick, I photographed the entire computer at this cyber cafe, with that reality on the screen. Yesterday there were links to their companion servers, which censor web sites and hunt the web for topic related subjects to make them vanish as desired. I got those documented but forgot to bring that to this cyber cafe, so I will post that tomorrow.

And surprisingly, on the updated page I saw yesterday, they are blocking upwards of 500 million web sites and e-mail addresses under the guise of them being spoof e-mails and web sites, so the list is growing QUICKLY, - up by over 100 million in only a month. Anyone should realize that my web site is no spoof, and therefore this organization exists FOR ONE REASON ONLY - TO SILENCE THE REAL TRUTH MOVEMENT WHILE HACKS SPIKE IT INTO THE GROUND LIKE A TOUCHDOWN FOOTBALL.

Many of you have noticed that the truth movement has been going downhill in the last little while, and HERE IS WHY. This organization has not been around long, as evidenced by the December 6th 2012 page in the wayback machine, which reads:

See our historical results/progress here. Oldest IP: 1185 days listed. Over the last 30 days: V4BL/DDNSBL blocklist has been updated by one IP every 0.049 seconds. Over the past year the list has grown by 309,536,835 IPs. At any given moment, there are more than 25M new IPs queued awaiting basic compliancy checks."

Basic "Compliancy checks"? You mean, if you do not COMPLY WITH THE ZIONIST AGENDA YOU GO IN THE TRASH????? There you have it. No wonder why I have been blown away and unable to communicate. I wonder how much has really been blocked? What should the truth movement REALLY look like? No wonder why much of the great insightful stuff appears to be vanishing, while being replaced with kooky bullshit.

I have had several people offer me over $50,000 to keep this web site running and not have me living poorly. From different people. NOT SPAM, and they all just magically vanished. I wonder why.

I am certain that the only reason why this site is visible is because I told everyone to mirror it. AND DO THAT, PLEASE, INCLUDING THE NEWS RELATED PICTURES, DONT JUST LINK TO THEM, GET THEM OUT OF HERE.

V4BL, a hostile .ORG has GOT TO run on (at least) a 40,000 core super computer or cloud computer, because it funnels the entire web through it, a fact made reality by what it is - a total internet filter. It gets All e-mails, all communications, and they decide what lives and dies. This was outlined clearly on their web site yesterday, and now it just says "nothing to see here" because most likely they watch this web site, and knew this would be today's report which I announced would be coming yesterday. Needless to say the only front end they REALLY need is "nothing to see here" because they are a hostile organization that until now, until they screwed with me, flew under the radar."

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