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Shell and Nebahat Albayrak's two faces ..!
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Shell and Nebahat Albayrak's two faces ..!

An article we complete adoption of the Catholic Newspaper. An article that contains information that you should see, because it again shows that there is a 'back' to our political system. The side of the silent followers, the followers of forces-behind-the-scenes. It is in this case an article written by Ton Size Bies, who opens a book about former politician Nebahat Albayrak, the once promising and talented young woman, the Labour Party could give an ethnic face.

A story about the eyebrows frowning deeply, to say the least .. But of course, we like the conclusions about yourself ..

Shell and the two faces of Nebahat Albayrak

2013 Catholic Newspaper -Ton Bies Size

Last October the Royal Dutch Shell reported that the former MP for the Labour Party and Minister of Justice Nebahat Albayrak Vice President Communications of the Upstream division would be. That is the division of the international headquarters of Shell in The Hague that deals with the exploration and production of oil and gas, it seems that the company has attracted the right person ..

Nebahat Albayrak, from top to politica perch in the top industry ..

Nebahat Albayrak has a Dutch-Turkish background and she had just before the race for the party leadership of the Labour Party lost Diederik Samsom. As Minister of Justice, she worked closely with her by November 1, 2012 retired Secretary-General George Demmink.The latter has long been accused of sexual abuse of underage young men in both the Netherlands and Turkey. Several witnesses have issued statements, but the National Police says no evidence to have found in their research.

Fabricated evidence
Demminks and Albayraks name are also mentioned in another affair which is crosslinked with Joris Demmink affair. That's the thing Hüseyin Baybasin, in the Netherlands serving a life sentence for murder and drug trafficking. In this case, there are strong indications that the evidence-such as wiretaps, by the Turkish police was forged.

Baybasin played according to him a role in the mediation to create a file to be agreed between the Turkish state and the Kurdish independence movement PKK. The defenders of the oorloghitsers Baybasin claim that the Turkish State alleged evidence of Demminks illicit sexual escapades have used him as a top official at the Ministry of Justice to blackmail so Baybasin in Netherlands convict. Baybaşins lawyer Adele van der Plas has so far without success, to the highest legal authorities to it, tried the case of her client to reopen.

Handed - or not
In Turkey, the journalist Kazmali spent gathering evidence in favor of Baybasin and the alleged abuse of minors by Joris Demmink Turkish boys. Journalist Kazmali presented his findings to Nebahat Albayrak when she was Secretary of State on an official visit to Turkey brought.At least, that's what Kazmali claims.
And he says, please note two witnesses have, including an MP from Yalova, who accompanied him when he met Albayrak. But in an official letter from the Ministry of Justice to the author of this article Albayrak now denies that she has met the journalist Kazmali or that they received information about Joris Demmink handed would have Kazmali (1).

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