Tuesday, 29 January 2013

#DOCUMENTARY: The Great Mystery #H2O #WATER

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LOVE LIGHT 3 weeks ago This is proof that we have much more power and impact than we realize. Our words, thoughts and emotions add energy to the process of life or death. There's a lot of changes happening on earth and in our skies. If enough of us focused with love we could certainly lessen if not totally avert natural disasters, end war(that's been proven with meditation), heal each other, this planet and all life within it. We could create Heaven on earth if we simply become loving human beings.

willd3rbeast 2 weeks ago There is nothing to doubt or agree with in this documentary-its more like a fairy tale on the magical properties of water. Nothing was answered, it just made false claims with junk testing. Water may be more mysterious than we think but this poor attempt of a documentary does not address any questions."

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WATER DOCUMENTARY:   The Great Mystery

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