Monday, 28 January 2013

#CRIME Negative #Gold/ #Silver Lease Rates #UPDATE

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For those that don't watch the metals closely ... something just happened; here's what you need to learn, to follow the story from now on.. ;)

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The Fraud of Negative Gold/Silver Lease Rates: Opinion
Add CommentBy Jeff Nielson09/17/12 - 11:57 AM EDT

VANCOUVER (Silver Gold Bull) -- Experienced precious metals investors are familiar with the topic of "negative lease rates" for gold and silver bullion. However, even novice investors can infer what is being discussed: paying someone to "borrow" gold/silver bullion.
In general, any time we contemplate a situation where lenders are paying borrowers to borrow, the word "dump" immediately comes to mind. This is because we begin the scenario with a lender choosing to enter into a transaction with the deliberate outcome of losing money.
Because the world of commerce is entirely devoted to earning profits rather than creating losses, this automatically also implies market-manipulation -- and thus fraud.

What you mean you didn't know these BASTARDS have BILLIONS to come at this blog, and others, namely, BRAVE LORI!

#BANKSTERS Child Porn Industry #FINANCE #OWS

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