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UPDATED (9th July 2013); CONFIRMED (see bottom this page)

We've been calling out Amnesty International for being a FAKE human rights organisation, for some time now on Operation Occupy The Banks; not for not doing some genuine work (sic), and serious work at that, but for NOT challenging the MASSIVE HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES taking place on it's own doorstep; for not mentioning, EVEN ONCE, the COVERT HUMAN MICRO-CHIPPING, and the TARGETED INDIVIDUALS (like our reader MARINA MEADOWS and FAMILY); issues TOO HOT for this thus FAKE Human Rights Organisation to handle; leaving it down to us, and YOU, our dear friends, to handle such issues are MICROWAVE WARFARE ON CHILDREN, HAARP, MIND CONTROL, and the simply MASSIVE COVERT HUMAN CHIPPING Testing, WITHOUT the consent of the individuals being tested on.  Now, the GUARDIAN of London, seems to have finally got some SPINE, on at least ONE TINY PART of this issue. HOORAY!!!!!!!!


If you needed any further proof that Amnesty International is to the 21st century what rum-swigging bearers of the White Man's Burden were to the 19th, look no further than its current campaign for a global arms trade treaty. Amnesty is basically agitating for the West, which it considers civilised and responsible, to prevent the rest, or what Amnesty euphemistically refers to as the "wrong" people, from getting their hands on guns and bombs. It is a call for a colonial-style carve-up of the world, between those judged decent and grown-up enough not only to own guns but also to determine who else may own them (us), and those judged too infantile and brutal to be let anywhere near a gun lest they unleash "the worst kind of atrocities" (them).

Given that America has used its vast armoury to cause more destruction around the world than any other nation over the past 10 years, it is bizarre that Amnesty should be pleading with it to lead the way on restricting the flow of guns to the "wrong" countries. Amnesty wants Washington to give its blessing to a treaty that would restrict the global sale of weapons if there is a "substantial risk" that those weapons will be"used to commit serious human rights violations". (I'm not being funny, but what else would the weapons be use for? To tickle people?) Amnesty says Washington should "demonstrate true leadership" on the issue of arms trading and "send a clear message to other world leaders" that it will not tolerate weapons falling into "the hands of human rights violators".


And of course, no mention at all as far as we know, by Amnesty International of the NUCLEAR BOMBS being DROPPED by the US Military in Afghanistan, nor in Iraq.  What, you didn't know?

Now then, now then: you have FAKE FAUX controlled opposition to thank for that!

We do wonder, are they mentioning ANYTHING AT ALL, about Hillary Clinton funding Al-QAEDA to the tune of USD$45,000,000 recently; have they mentioned anything about the TORY TERRORISTS controlling, funding, INSTALLING fundamentalist NUTJOBS to run the Arab countries, in CONTRAVENTION of the wishes of almost ALL of their citizens?

Published on Dec 19, 2012

This mini-report from Tunisian TV station, Delta TV, shows an interview with a 29-year old Tunisian man who traveled to Syria and fought alongside the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) against the Syrian Army. He explains why he stayed there for slightly over a month and decided to return back to his home country instead of remaining there for Jihad, as is the case with other young Tunisians who were sent to Syria mainly by their imams (clerics).

The interview corroborates some of other eyewitness accounts that accuse the FSA of committing massacres in order to frame the Syrian Army. He also states that no medical treatment was given to any foreign (Arab) Jihadist, which meant that any injury could end up in death. He also acknowledges that these Jihadis are being used as cannon fodder to fight a war by proxy.

UPDATE 9th July 2013; ex-employee CONFIRMS!


Is Amnesty International abandoning Human Rights?

The internationally renowned journalist, Greg Palast offers the following advice in his 1999 book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" - "if you are a member of Amnesty International, quit". Mr. Palast’s brush with Amnesty was in a court case in which he was sued after quoting Amnesty research containing allegations against the multinational mining company, Barrick. Amnesty refused to verify their own research in court. As Palast says,"Amnesty wants journalists to report their material. I would say to any journalist that they would be completely, utterly and absolutely insane to ever cite Amnesty again."

Continues (and is a MUST READ)!
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